2014 Is Almost Here! YAYY

Dec 31, 2013

            OK I am honestly in complete awe at how fast 2013 flew by. And I really really mean that. I just can't believe its already over! For me though, I'm seeing this as a good thing because other than my beautiful daughter being born, I haven't really had much to celebrate this year. 
             However, I'm hoping for great things to come in 2014! And because I am so excited about this "fresh" start in the new year (I absolutely love new years, it's one of my very favorite holidays because it really does give everything a sense of newness and renewed hope for things to come. Hell, maybe we're just all full of it and theres not anything special about it at all. I mean it is just another day after all...right? -I'm sorry back to what I was saying.) so I thought I'd share my list of "Resolutions" (which is really just a fancy way of saying to-dos)for 2014. And the list is as follows:

    • Make more time for Blogging!   Seeing as I've just started this blog in November of this year, I am still very much a baby in the blogging world. Like legit, newborn status. I'm learning so so much and haven't seemed to have much time to apply any of the wonderful things that I've learned to my actual blog. That will absolutely be changing very soon people. My goal is to have this blog become a part of my everyday life no matter how challenging it will be. I want to have something I can be proud of showing to friends and family. I'm not quite there yet but I'm still very optimistic. Juggling blogging, raising a soon to be one year old, working in retail, and still having time with my husband will be difficult to say the least but I'm ready and willing to do my very best! I know it can be - and has been - done and am determined to make it work. So challenge accepted! BRING IT BLOG WORLD. 
    • Ahh the infamous 52 week Financial Challenge. I've read about this and come across the idea a few times in the past couple of years while researching how to stay out of debt and become financially stable. I've always thought it was a great idea and wanted to try but just never seemed to get around to it. Well, this year is the year my friends. Basically what you do is deposit a small amount of money into your savings every week for an entire year. From weeks 1-52 you will deposit the monetary value of the week you're on in the year. (i.e. week one you deposit 1 dollar, week two, 2 dollars, week three, 3 dollars, and so on until you reach week 52 (and deposit 52 dollars)) At the end of the year (assuming you've made all of your deposits correctly) you will have acquired $1378. Not too bad considering your biggest deposit to be made is only $52. If you're interested in reading more about it just click the link above or click here to check it out on House of Rose blog (I seriously love them, if you haven't checked out their blog before, go do it now!)
    • Last but certainly not least is learning to Plan Things Better and Use My Time More Wisely. I have already begun by investing in a desk calendar to help keep track of blog plans, dr appointments, work schedules and so on. I'm also hoping to schedule in more date nights with the boyfriend because those seemed to be lacking to say the least in 2013. I have plenty of notebooks full of lists and to do's. And have finally started getting my daughter on a proper baby sleep schedule. Its been a long time coming people, trust me. I've looked up and done everything I can possibly think of to help create a more organized schedule and that includes giving myself time for myself. (I know, I can hardly believe it either.) Click the link above or simply click here to check out my Organization board on Pinterest. I've found TONS of great tips that have helped me become amazingly organized and I know they can help you too. 
        And there you have it! A list of my 2014 Resolutions / to do's (at least the major ones anyway). I hope you check out some of the links above and can be inspired to do some of these things on your own! Hoping you all the best and a Happy and safe New Year! See you in 2014!!! 


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