40 Things To See And Do In Atlanta (17 Of Them Are FREE!)

Jan 16, 2014

I've been looking up a bunch of date night ideas lately for me and my boyfriend to switch things up and try something new - mainly because it's one of the things I plan on working to be better at in 2014 (you can check out the full list here). Who doesn't love a fun date night involving something neither of you have done before? 
Oh, and we live very much on a budget so a lot of these things to do are FREE:)

I am all about new experiences so I'm always looking for something to do or making lists of what we should do in the future.

Of course, living in a tiny suburb of Atlanta (I say tiny but really it's actually growing pretty quickly...not sure how I feel about that yet) means most of the things I come up with have something to do with the city or the general metro area. I thought this would be a fun list to share with all of you in case anyone lives in the area or for someone who may be traveling to Atlanta in the future - it's a pretty decent list of things to see and do around town including some GREAT date night ideas :)
So, without further ado, here we go!

  1. Go to a drive-in at Starlight $
  2. Take a stroll through the beautiful Botanical Gardens - especially at Christmas time or in the Spring :) $$ 
  3. Picnic at Piedmont Park  {FREE}
  4. Putt Putt mini golf and go-carts at Mountasia $
  5. Antiquing/thrifting at some of the MANY antique malls around Woodstock and Sandy Springs area (who doesn't love a good thrift store??) {FREE} (to window shop anyway ;))
  6. The Dixie Hwy 90 mile yard sale - favorite past time of mine {FREE} (Again, just to browse. But still! )
  7. NOPI car show $$
  8. Skyview Atlanta $$
  9. Little 5 Points - I love walking through this part of the city, you never know what you're going to see  {FREE}  (More info + pictures!!)
  10. Eat at the Vortex in Little 5 $$
  11. Amicalola Falls - SO gorgeous! {FREE}
  12. Braves Game @ Turner Field $
  13. Falcons Game @ Georgia Dome $$
  14. Hawks Game (Or Katt Williams ;)) @ Phillips Arena $$
  15. Zoo Atlanta $$
  16. The Dogwood Festival {FREE}
  17. Stone Mountain Laser Show {FREE}
  18. See a show at the Fox $$
  19. Concert in Aaron's Amphitheater $$
  20. Concert at the Tabernacle - such a neat environment, I definitely recommend this one to any music lovers $
  21. 420fest {FREE}
  22. Taste of Atlanta Festival {FREE}
  23. Gay Pride Parade {FREE} I think this would be such a fun experience! 
  24. Underground Atlanta {FREE} (to browse)
  25. Mall of Georgia {FREE} (to browse)
  26. Club Opera $
  27. Visit Marietta Square {FREE}
  28. Georgia Aquarium $$
  29. Visit Grant Park {FREE}
  30. World Of Coke $
  31. The High Museum $
  32. Eat at the Varsity $
  33. Go to Andretti Indoor Carting and Games
  34. Eat at the Sundial $$
  35. Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe $$
  36. Six Flags White Water (roller coasters aren't really my thing but water parks? YES please!) $$
  37. Balloons Over Georgia $$$
  38. Atlantic Station {FREE} Kind of. If you want to enjoy the amazing shopping that is at Atlantic Station, obviously come prepared to spend. 
  39. Sweet Auburn Historic District {FREE}
  40. Food And Wine Festival {FREE}

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