Confessions Of A {Semi-} Stay At Home Mom

Jan 23, 2014

I love being a mom. I love my daughter more than I ever thought possible. As hard as we may try though, none of us are perfect. Especially when it comes to motherhood... People will judge you if you do things differently than them, or if you haven't done everything 'by the book'. We're all human. We make mistakes. It's trial and error and that's okay because that's just life.

I know the title says confessions of a stay at home mom but the majority of them are related to parenthood in general. We all question ourselves from time to time, it's part of becoming a mother.
So first let me just say this -YOU ARE ALL GREAT MOMS! Chill out and give yourself a little credit.

My mommy confessions:

1.) If I make it out of my pajamas at any point in the day, it's been a good day. 

2.) I feel guilty when I'm doing something other than being with my daughter. - i.e. blogging.

3.) I've been so exhausted at times that I just let her cry herself to sleep. Sometimes I cried too. 

4.) I only have one child and I find it difficult to keep up with everything. The thought of having more than one scares the hell out of me. And twins? Dear God. No.

5.) I often feel like I'm not doing my part by being at home.

6.) I know I probably should do it more, but I rarely cook.

7.) If I don't get sleep, I get very irritable mean as shit. Not towards Evelyn but sometimes I feel bad for my poor boyfriend. 

8.) What most would consider everyday clothing is "dressed up" to me. 

9.) My daughter is only 7 months old and she watches TV. I know, I'm a horrible mother. 

10.) Having to change your outfit because poop has somehow gotten on it is part of the norm around here. For both mom and baby.
11.) It's nearly impossible to relate to my old friends now. They don't have kids and I don't have much to talk about anymore other than baby stuff. We're just not on the same chapter in life anymore.

12.) I've become so used to only interacting with a 7 month old 24/7 that when I do run into people I know in public its usually awkward. 

13.) My daughter sleeps with a blanket in her crib. And a pillow. And a lovey. And an owl that smells like lavender. - Oh and she also has a crib bumper that isn't made of mesh. 
So scandalous.

14.) I'm lucky if I shave my legs once a week. 

15.) Dry shampoo is my go-to hair product. I use it daily.

16.) My daughter has never been on a set schedule. 

17.) I've desperately wished -on more than one occasion- that it was acceptable to give babies sleeping pills. {I would never of course}

18.) I LOVE family get-togethers and holidays because everyone always wants to see Evelyn. It's like a vacation day from mommyhood and I can just relax for a few hours.

19.) Because of insurance issues, she hasn't been to the doctor since she got her 2 month shots.

20.) I only breastfed her for 2 weeks and a week of that was pumping and bottle feeding. It didn't feel natural to me, it was just weird. 

Motherhood is a very trying experience, there's no doubt about it. And being a stay at home mom? It becomes pretty easy to lose yourself and get totally wrapped up in the baby life. But no matter what, every time I look down at that smiling face I know everything is worth it. 
She's my beautiful baby girl and I'd be totally lost without her. 


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