My Week In Photos! 1/19 - 1/25

Jan 26, 2014








Sunday: Trying on one of her Valentine's Day outfits for "Dada" as she calls him :)
Monday: Giving Evelyn a peek out the window
Tuesday: Lunch date with the sisters at La Bamba. MMmm
Wednesday: Evelyn LOVEDD that she could see herself in my phone while we took pictures. {Sorry for the horribly pixely iPhone pics!}
Thursday: I promise, she still has arms. She was just very excited and I thought her smile was so super cute that I just had to share ;)
Friday: Drawing Luis is doing for Evelyn's room. 
I'll share the finished product later
Saturday: Took the back roads to Nana's house for a little visit. {Please try to ignore the horribly large crack in my windshield, I'm saving money poor and have to wait for my taxes to get it fixed. I hardly even notice it anymore.}

Check back next week for more! :)
(I promise not to be so late next time - the days got away from me this week)


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