My Week In Photos - Jan. 5-11, 2014

Jan 11, 2014

Here's a little rundown of my week in photos! :)

Me and my princess! We had a lazy Sunday at home :)


Snow flurries in the morning - the only way I could get a picture of them was to use my very cooperative Border Collie as a photo prop :) Whatever works, right?
And in the afternoon...beautiful blue skies - perfect opportunity for a little sun flare action. Although I didnt stay outside long, just enough for a few good shots and back inside for this girl! I hate the cold and this was not my kinda weather. The high was around 22 I believe. Definitely not for me. 


Little Miss Evelyn is going through a "head tilt" stage. Whenever she sees something new or interesting, this is her automatic reaction. It's so damn adorable. I may be a little biased but - I'm pretty sure I've got the cutest baby on the block. Hands down. 


I finally got started on Evelyn's baby book. It's actually just the baby version of a Smash Book but it's kind of perfect for what I wanted her baby book to be. It's fun to look at and simple to make. In other words perfectly convenient. This has been on my to-do list for God-knows how long and I have been procrastinating as usual but finally! A page is under way! I still need to print pictures for it of course (its always something) but hey, it's a start :) I'm excited to get more pages done, they always turn out so cute! {Although that's probably just because of the already cute pages Smash Book has provided, I honestly can't take too much credit for that part}
(Sidenote: the link to their website for Smash Book shows a price much higher than I paid for mine. I got mine at TJ Maxx for $5.99. Just a tip for those of you who may be interested in purchasing one! They have them at Hobby Lobby and Michael's too. I would recommend checking them out, they're pretty awesome for someone who loves a pretty scrapbook but has no time for it :))

  My baby girl is holding her own bottle now. It's so incredibly bittersweet. I cannot believe how fast this sweet girl is growing...soon she'll be running around all over the place and I'm going to be a total nervous wreck. *sigh  
                                                                                                                                                                                             Lunch at my favorite restaurant! Olive Garden! Mmmm so good. My sister and I met our Nana there for her birthday. Afterward we went and browsed around Target then went back to her house to hang out and look at pictures. Overall it was a really good day! I love hanging out with my Nana :)


Today was a day for organization and blog prep. Mainly inspired by the gorgeous new planner that Nana bought me at Target yesterday. (That's right, she spoils her grandchildren even when its her own birthday! We were definitely blessed having her for our Nana!) It's been fun working on my editorial calendar for the first few months of this year because I love my planner so much! Good investment :) 

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- Olivia
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