Pretty Bulletin Board DIY

Jan 4, 2014


         So this all started a couple of months ago when I bought a pretty sizable cork board from Hobby Lobby thinking I'd find something to do with it. (Only because it was half off and the original price was 16.99. So 8.50 for a huge cork board? Sure! Why not? Right??) 
Have I mentioned that I'm a huge sucker for anything on sale? 
Well. It's honestly becoming an issue I need to work on. :/ Oops!

          Well anyway, fast forward 2 months and it was still sitting there taking up valuable space in my tiny home so I decided to finally do something with it. This is what I came up with:) It's nothing fancy but it works for what I needed it to. This is an especially great project to take on if you have a lot of wall space in your home and no idea what to put in the empty spots. Feel free to throw in your own additions to the project, there are so many different things you could do with it - I just decided to use the supplies I already had around the house. 

I've listed the supplies I used above. The only one that's not pictured is the cork board. Mine measured    24" x 36" which worked great for the calendar that I was planning to put on it. You could essentially use any size cork board that you'd like though. I've provided a link here to the one I used.

After you've gotten all of your supplies together find a fairly large, flat surface and lay out the fabric you chose upside down. You'll then lay the cork board (also upside down) on top of the fabric, like so:
You can cut off the extra fabric if you want, I just chose not to. 

Then just fold the fabric (as tightly as possible for a smooth look on the front) and use the tacks to secure it. You could also use hot glue or mod podge if you wanted to, I just decided tacks would be the easiest choice for me because I couldn't find my hot glue gun at the time. 
This is what it should look like after it's been folded and secured. 

Now just flip it over and add whatever you want to the front. I used mine as a pretty bulletin board border around a calendar that I already had. (I bought the calendar at Target a few years ago)

 However, you could also use it with a chalkboard, dry erase board, etc. It could even be used as a decorative frame around an over-sized canvas print if you'd like to do something like that. The possibilities are pretty much endless with something like this! So have fun with it and feel free to comment pictures or links so I can check out how good yours turned out! :)

- Olivia

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