Project: Pinterest Purge (Getting Those Pinterest Boards Whipped Into Shape!)

Jan 5, 2014

First major organization project of the new year --> Organize my embarrassingly dysfunctional Pinterest page. I decided to post this today in case any of you were also in desperate need of a Pinterest board rehab (come on now, don't lie to yourself - you know you need to do it too. I know its a drag, but trust me, you'll thank yourself for it later.) So just do it. I can assure you, it's worth the time.

I know I'm not the only one when I say this: My Pinterest boards are for lack of a better explanation, A FREAKING DISASTER! Normally I just overlook such things but lately it has seriously been a drag to try to find anything in my own boards because they are entirely too cluttered. So what do I do? I go pin something else thats just like something that I've already pinned because I couldn't find it. Talk about adding to the clutter...

So, because part of my things to improve upon in 2014 included staying organized and using my time wisely (i.e. not spending 20 minutes looking for one specific pin in a sea of other very clickable distractions which will make me forget what I was looking for in the first place...) I've decided to dedicate about 30 minutes or so everyday to cleaning up my mess of a Pinterest account. 
- Organize Your Boards. Simple, right? Well it's certainly a start. (This is by far the easiest part) Go to your profile page on Pinterest where all of your boards are displayed and rearrange them in an order that makes sense to you. Simply click on the board to want to move and drag it to wherever you want it to go. Group things that are similar together to make them easier to find. For example, if you have a separate board for each holiday put them next to each other; same thing if you have separate fashion boards (maybe one for summer fashion, one for Fall, etc) put them together! Also if you do social networking such as blogging and you want your followers to be able to find your blog related content easier, put them first. I think you get the idea ;)

-Get SPECIFIC. And I mean as specific as possible. If you have a board for photography it probably has everything in it from photo tips, to creating your own shoots at home, to props and inspiration pictures. Scale it down people. I'm very much guilty of this myself but I've found it's EXTREMELY difficult to find certain pins that I want to go back to simply because my boards aren't specific enough and it takes entirely too long to sort through it all. So if this is the case with you (as it certainly is for me) then go through and make a board for all of the separate categories that you've rather unsuccessfully attempted to combine. Split them up. That's one board for photo props, one for tips and tricks, one for inspiration, etc. I know it seems like a lot of boards but it seriously makes it soooo much easier to get to the things you need to find. 

-PINTEREST PURGE. That's right, it's finally time to de-clutter. Go through each board and click on or just look over whats there. It's amazing how many broken links, links to no where, sites that no longer exist, or even pins that are just no longer useful to you or pertain to your life that you'll come across. Get rid of them.  This is the part that's going to take the longest but if you just dedicate 30 mins a day to each of your boards (1 board per day, that is) you'll definitely notice an improvement in the efficiency of your Pinterest searches after just a couple of days. 
That's it for now, if I happen to notice any other tips and tricks to help out with this project, I'll be certain to add them along the way. My own Pinterest Purge will be beginning momentarily and I'm already ready for the finished product. It's going to be so great having such organization where I know I'll be able to appreciate it every day! (I'm honestly on Pinterest WAY too much but hey, who isn't these days??) 

Good Luck with your pages and let me know if anyone has any other tips for me, I'd love to hear them :)

- Olivia
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