My Week In Photos - Jan. 12-18

Jan 18, 2014

Let me just start out by saying my weeks lately have been fairly uneventful and will probably remain so until the weather warms back up. I am absolutely a cold weather hater. Like seriously, if it gets below 50 you'll see me running from the warmth of my car to the warmth of my house. Not kidding. Cold weather means this girl will be inside 98% of the day. Another factor is that I'm in between jobs at the moment so most of my days are filled with coffee, computer research, and my beautiful and ever growing baby girl. So be expecting lots of Evelyn in these posts (at least for the time being). OK, on to the good stuff.








Sunday: Trying her hardest to get behind mama's camera
Monday: Lazy day. Leggings and a grama sweater? Ah, comfort<3
Tuesday: Thrifting
Wednesday: New book on my "to read" list
Thursday: End of the day with the sun hitting the treetops. So serene
Friday: More bonding time with the princess and her crazy hair ;)
Saturday: Peek-a-boo with daddy

My week in a nutshell. :)

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