52 Week Photo Challenge : Week One - The View From Here

Feb 21, 2014

          I decided to go with the prompt The View From Here for the first week of my 52 Week Photo Challenge. It seemed the most fitting considering Winter Storm Pax hit the South so heavily last week creating a very rarely seen Winter Wonderland. It was absolutely whimsical. Talk about having a field day with your camera! I didn't even have to go anywhere for fresh new scenery, it came to me in the form of SNOW! Funny how a little white stuff can drastically change the way a place looks. Just take a look for yourselves!

{You can find all of the prompts here or just click the tab in the info bar under my header :)}

 This photo was taken around 6 am. I couldn't believe how bright it was outside!

As the sun was coming up...such a beautiful blue tint to everything. So strange!

And then finally, around noon - before it all melted away. *sigh

So there you have it! The first week of my challenge is complete! And I am extremely excited to pick a prompt for next week. How about you follow along? Leave me a comment and let me know if you do and I'll provide a link to your post!! 

And let me also just say this - those of you who are loyal readers probably already know but I'm from Georgia y'all, I have NEVER seen this amount of snow in my life. So for me, this was a new life experience! And I'm so happy to share it here with y'all today!

Happy Friday y'all!


*sidenote: These photos were taken Wednesday of last week, and this week, I had to break out my Spring dresses for 70 degree weather. Gotta love Georgia!
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