My Life In Photos - Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Feb 2, 2014

Happy Sunday Y'all !! Here's a look at my past week in photos!
 Captions are at the bottom :) 
Enjoy xx








Sunday: Luis took Evelyn to visit his mom and this little mama had a free day. 
That picture is an embarrassingly accurate depiction of my Sunday. 
Monday: I love catching the sun right before it disappears. 
Tuesday: The biggest snow we've had in a while here in GA so we stayed inside 
most of the day. you can read more about our snow day here.
Wednesday: Enjoying the snow a little before it inevitably disappears. 
It's rare for it to have even lasted overnight like it did. 
Thursday: She just loves those little snacks. Enough so that she learned 
pretty quickly how to pop the lid off with her two little bottom teeth...
Friday: Thrifting! Oh how I love to browse. Found some GREAT finds today. 
If only they had been in my budget! I don't know if you can read the tag 
but I'd definitely shell out $189 for that beautiful dresser if I could! 
I'll be featuring one of the deals I did snag today though 
on a post coming this Tuesday so stick around to see ;)
Saturday: Evelyn's first time in her "high chair" that Nonna got for her. She loved it. 

I love doing this weekly series for myself and also for my readers to get a peek into my life. I know I love to see things like this on other blogs which is part of the reason I started and will continue doing posts like this one every week. If you do one yourself please let me know - either e-mail or comment your blog's URL and I'd be happy to add a link to you at the bottom of my posts! Also, I just love meeting new people in the blog world :) So let me know if you're interested!

Until next week. xx


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