Weekend "Pin"spiration: My Dream Home Office

Feb 1, 2014

Oh just doing a little dreaming...don't mind me. 

This weekend's Pinspiration post is dedicated to all of the drool-worthy home offices that I'm always seeing on my Pinterest feed. To whomever owns these beautiful spaces -  I am so very jealous. 

(I couldn't find any legitimate sources for any of these pictures through Pinterest so if any of these belong to you or someone you know, please email me and I will happily provide the appropriate source link!)

So basically all I need for a beautiful and inspiring home office  is

*A great space with plenty of natural light
*Fresh Flowers
*Neutral/Muted color scheme with random pops of color
*Lots of cute accessories (notepads, pens, coffee cup, etc)
*A great new lamp
*And that gorgeous $2500 Mac I keep seeing in all of these offices I adore. 

No big deal. 

I'm sure you'll be seeing more pf these in the future so feel free to stick around.

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