Playing Catch-Up ! 3/14 - 6/14

Jun 30, 2014

So because I've been such a poor blogger the past few months (it's embarrassing even to type that), I've decided to do a general recap of the time I've missed - just to hit a few of the high points ;) That way we can happily move on from here and basically be caught up. So without further ado, I present to you March thru June, 2014:

(Before we even get started here I just want to point out that these are all photos off my crappy phone so bear with me on the quality factor. Hoping to upgrade soon! See here for more on that :)) 

First up : EASTER 2014

Evelyn's first horseback ride!

First pool day of the Summer!

Mother's Day (First official one for me :))

We have a new addition to the fam - She goes by Lyla (or Monster, depending on the day)

I have a ONE year old ;(

 Working on getting back into reading :) If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments!! I love getting tips on great new books to read!!

 Evelyn's first trip to the beach! (Please excuse my ragged appearance)

The birthday part(ies)

Cake Smash! (more to come on this later:))

She is just too damn cute!! ;))

My car hit 100,000 miles y'all *sigh

And more glamour shots of the kitty :)

  Alright, in addition to this post here I think that pretty much catches us up!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Happy Monday!!

xx Olivia
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