Hello Again!!

Jun 24, 2014

Ahhh, hello again blog world! It's been entirely too long. I've been away for a while - let's just say it was for my health - but I am SO super excited to dive back in head first! And as a positive that came out of my little reprieve from blogging, I am just brimming with new ideas for blog posts so this little mama isn't going anywhere again anytime soon! (Not planning to at least)

Just as a general recap I suppose I could fill you in on some of the goings on of late in my little corner of the world. First things first: Last weekend we celebrated my beautiful daughter's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  I still cant believe it's already come and gone. My gosh. If time doesn't slow down soon I'm going to be in my 90's by next month (or at least that's what it feels like!). Geesh. 

(sidenote: this picture is completely unedited and was not taken by me 
but right now I'm working on limited resources. apologies!)

She also had another major "first" this month in the form of her very first trip to the ocean. I'd like to say it was a lovely trip full of rest and relaxation and whimsical looks of awe in my daughters eyes but alas, it was none of those things. More on that later though. ;)

A few more of the major (to me) things that have happened include getting a new job - with a very nice new paycheck to boot! I can't believe how lucky I got on that one. I wasn't even looking or hoping for something as wonderful as the position that found me but I'm certainly not complaining! 

I know, very simple, very blah, but you know what? It's a come up for me and I'm quite proud, thank you very much. Totally smitten, if you will. 


Anddd I've also finally moved back out of my mother's house into a super cute little townhouse on the edge of town. It's not a mansion by any means but it fits my family well enough and it's given me lots of creative opportunities to decorate a new space! I love having a new home decor project to work on. We've only been moved in since April and I've already rearranged every room in the place at least twice. My indecisive mind never rests. 


And of course the first thing I did when we moved in was make it nice and homey with a simple hydrangea Spring/Summer wreath. I thought it turned out pretty well considering I'd never made one before. I can't wait to make another one for the Fall!

To end this post I just want to reiterate how excited I am to finally be back in my little corner of the internet and I will be filling your blog feed with lots of fun stuff (fun to me anyway!) in the next few weeks so be on the look out! 

I hope you all have a fabulous week! 

xx Olivia 
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