On The Hunt For A New DSLR

Jun 25, 2014

and anyone else who may have any advice regarding the purchase of my first DSLR camera:

I'm finally taking that wonderful step on my way to show stopping momtography - the purchase of my very first DSLR! (Well, technically 2nd but we aren't counting the first time. It was a major fumble in my photography career [and I use that term very lightly] and we're not going there today.) However, regardless of the number DSLR I am currently on, I need major assistance. I've got it narrowed down to two but am not sure if I should be going with the entry level - which is primarily what I've been looking at. Or if I should just take the leap and go for a mid level to save cash down the road. And that is why I'm taking this issue to the blogging world. What are all of your thoughts?

I'm planning to use my lovely new camera for primarily Lifestyle photography. Honestly my main subjects from day to day include: 75% my 1 year old, 25% miscellaneous/other. (I know, that was so well thought out ;P) But still, mostly accurate. (You can get a pretty good idea of what my photography will consist of here) I don't have any plans as of today to become a professional photographer, although that's the role I'd like to take on for myself and my family. I've always had an affinity towards photography and I'm SUPER excited for this next step in developing my own personal touch to put on my photography. I'm not a huge fan of anything generic and my current model has been driving me absolutely crazy. I feel as if I've learned all there is to learn on the little devil and am so ready to be rid of it. 'On to the next!' as they say...

The two models that I've been primarily eyeing are the Canon Rebel T3i 
(Of course, isn't this the model everyone and their grandmother starts with?)

And the somewhat newer Nikon D3200 (So far I've been leaning towards this one)

The original DSLR I had (as mentioned above) was a Sony A-390. I bought it the first year that the Alpha series came out and absolutely adored it. The prices on the alpha models have gone up though and are now out of my price range. So, here we are. (And I'm not even sure they sell the model I had anymore. I had a really hard time finding a link for it.)

My budget is less than $600 by the way (preferably less than $500 but I'm stretching a bit for quality), including any lens suggestions you may have.

I'd seriously appreciate any and all feedback here, especially if you own any of the models mentioned above. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts about them and how you like it personally! 

Also, if you know of a great place to buy used cameras, I'm not against it for saving a little cash. Feel free to leave suggestions!

Thanks so much to everyone!!

xx Olivia
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