Flower Child

Jul 7, 2014

These pictures are from a totally impromptu photo "shoot" I did with Evelyn Sunday night in our backyard. I'd gotten a text from my sister reminding me to take pictures of Evelyn in her birthday outfit one of our mutual friends had gotten for her. (Her birthday was almost a month ago and I've been meaning to send her pictures since Evelyn got it. :/ oops!) I was literally getting Evelyn out of the bath when I got the text and was about to put her in her jammies but decided to just go ahead and put this outfit on her instead - she wasn't too fussy yet and it was still light outside - why not? 

So into this adorable hippie dress she went, leather flowered sandals and all and she was totally content with being outside again. This girl seriously loves the outdoors and it had finally cooled off from another one of our notoriously hot, muggy days that we often have here in the South. It was the perfect time of day for a photo shoot. Honestly, I think it turned out pretty nicely considering how very last minute it was. No planning whatsoever. And she was even pretty tired to begin with. Overall I'd say it was a success as far as 5 minute photo-ops go. Maybe I'll have to start keeping them this short from now on to get some genuine expressions out of my child. *noted 

Did you notice the comb she was holding? Told ya she just got out of the bath! :p I realize as I'm working on this post that I didn't get any good pictures of her smiling. That's actually totally fine with me though. She's going through a phase right now where she's totally engrossed with curiosity about anything and everything she comes across. Because of this, most of the time she really doesn't have a smile on her face like she used to - it's always more of a focused look of concentration. But that's just how she is right now and I'll be happy to have these photos later to remember what she actually looked like at any random moment. Or when she's discovering something for the first time and trying to figure out just what that something is. I think it's absolutely beautiful. But then again - I'm her mom, which makes me totally biased. That's okay with me too though. :)

I did manage to get a sort of half-smile here. I'll take it ;)

Do any of you other mom-togs have any tips for getting decent last minute shots of your toddlers? Are there any tricks I should know about for next time? I always love to hear about how other's take different approaches to similar situations so please feel free to leave a comment! 
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