Independence Day 2014 !

Jul 5, 2014

So I'd say mine and Evelyn's 4th was a success! We were at the pool all day surrounded by family, friends, good drinks, and amazing food - what more could you ask for? And Evelyn LOVED the pool! Between family taking over, wanting to spend time with Evelyn and her nap time coming conveniently right in the middle of the day, Mommy actually got a little relaxation in today too. It was wonderful! Holidays should happen more often ;) 
seriously though y'all.

Nothing too eventful happened today really. And I unfortunately didn't get the pictures that I wanted to take of Evelyn either because I'm such a horrible slacker that I didn't buy one of those cute little flags for her to hold in her pictures; by the time I actually made it to the store they were obviously sold out. Oh well, there's always next year I guess! And I also discovered that Evelyn is not a huge fan of fireworks. A little too loud for her tiny ears I think. Every time one shot into the air she jumped and threw her arms around my neck with her head buried under my chin. We went inside after the 3rd attempt to get her to actually notice the pretty colors. It just wasn't happening for her this year so we watched the backyard light up beautifully from the french doors. 

I've decided to post a few highlights of the day here because I'm tempted to blow up Instagram at the moment and thought this would be a better idea! 
(pictures are in no particular order)

Enjoy !

My babies in the pool! So glad Luis got to come spend time with all of us for a little while!

My Uncle jumping off the retaining wall. He's crazy. I would never.

Evelyn and her aunt Brit!

That face though! ;)

See why a blog post was more appropriate than Instagram? ;) 

Unfortunately I didn't get any of those wonderful fireworks shots (although my uncles had some awesome ones!) but that's perfectly fine with me. My daughter's happiness is much more important than exploding colors. So that pretty much concludes our Independance Day 2014 at Simply Olivia but the weekend is not over and we are still enjoying it to the fullest! Maybe another pool day tomorrow since Evelyn loved it so much? We'll see :)

Hoping everyone had as great a day as we did!

Enjoy your holiday weekend lovelies!!

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