July Goals!

Jul 1, 2014

Holy crap I can't believe July is already here. 

The year is already half over y'all! Am I the only one who thinks this year is RACING by and I'm over here just blinking dumbfounded like .... what? What month is it again..?

But anyways - snapping back to reality - I've decided to continue what I started a few months ago and post a few of my goals for July. This makes me stick to them a little better since I have readers to hold me accountable! 

So, without further ado, I present to you my July goals :

  • Have a picnic ! 
This has been on my summer to do list for the past 3 years and I still have yet to accomplish it. It's happening this month dammit. 

  • Use my camera every single day and take tons of summer related pictures to eventually make a Photo Book out of . (Another thing that's been sitting on my to do list for a few years)
  • Get ahead at work!
  • Practice more with my tripod
  • [Spoiler alert!] Take at least 5 outfit photo shoots for a summer wardrobe essentials post
  • Get budget organized for all of mine and Luis's debt
  • Have a yard sale!
  • Make Evelyn a flower crown. Commence to taking the most adorable pictures ever seen. 

*exhibit A  - something to this effect. Easy peasy, right? 
  • Write at least one blog post per week
  • Start bringing my own lunch to work. The amount of fast food I've been eating lately is ridiculous and I'm starting to notice in places I'd rather not. Summer is not over, I refuse to look like a whale in my swimsuit. {no matter how few opportunities I actually have to wear it}
  • Have a pool day with Nana and Evie 
  • Stargazing with my man <3 (If I can trick him into it that is)
  • Shop around at the antique malls near my house and find a vintage camera for Evelyn to play with during our photo shoots (maybe it will keep her away from mommy's camera long enough for me to take her picture!)
  • Go back through a few of my Pinterest boards and see what I find. I'm sure they're all overflowing treasure chests of gorgeous photos and crucial information pertaining to my life that I've completely forgotten I'd pinned at some point over the past few years. Time to finally revisit them. 

Okay, I'm stopping myself there because I don't want to make this too impossible for me to complete. I already have my hands full enough with Evelyn alone much less all the extras. Fair warning - some of these may roll over into August.
(And yes, it's perfectly acceptable to use the rollover plan when making life goals. This way you don't take things too seriously ;))

I'd love it if any of my readers want to follow along or link up with me to your own Monthly Goals post on your blog. I'd love to read what's in store for you this month so feel free to leave your link in the comments if you're interested in participating! And even if not, leave me a comment to let me know what your main goal is for the month. It may be something I've forgotten and need to add to my ever-growing list! ;)


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