The "M" Word: 7 Reasons Why I DON'T Believe in Marriage

Jul 24, 2014

Reason #1

I have never in my life seen a happily married couple 10-15-20 years out. ESPECIALLY a couple who got married in their teens or early twenties. Sure, they have beautiful pictures scattered across the internet of happy old people celebrating their 75th anniversary or whatever but in real life; in MY life, I have never witnessed it.

Reason #2

It is entirely too easy to get divorced these days. What happened to "in sickness and in health"? Or the really big one: "til death do us part"? Those vows obviously don't mean shit anymore. 

Reason #3

Too many people only get married for the ceremony. 
You foolish little thing you. You do realize that once the excitement of the celebration has died down, you're now committed to a lifetime with one single person, right? Anddd you've decided that you found that person before you even hit 23? HAH. Okay. 

Reason #4

The only guarantee that we as humans have in this life is that every single thing changes. Who's to say that 5 years down the road you aren't going to resent the hell out of your spouse and fall completely out of love or realize that it was actually more infatuation than love to begin with. Then what? (See reason #2) 

Reason #5

When/if I ever do get married, that poor guy better love me beyond the ends of the Earth because I take that shit seriously. Til death do us part, baby. <- And I'm honestly just not ready for that commitment yet. I'm only 21 y'all, there's no way in hell. 

Reason #6

I literally laugh out loud when I see a new person my age that's gotten engaged. My first thought is always "HA that fucking sucks". So, I guess the way most people think about having babies at my age, that's the way I think of the "M" word. But you know what the difference is? You will never question the love your child has for you. Your child will never cheat on you or intentionally hurt you. Your child WILL always be there for you, they will see every single one of your flaws and love you all the same. And you will know that you're doing the most rewarding thing in this world because you literally cannot be replaced. Wives, they come a dime a dozen. Piece of shit husbands? Even more so. So good luck with that.

Exhibit A.

Reason #7

It seems to me that a lot of people get married for the title of being a "Mrs. so and so". People give themselves titles because they want or feel the need to prove something.  I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself, so what's the point?

Now, this list could go on forever because the more I type the more reasons I realize are true for me. However, I'm sure I've already offended someone with my observations thus far and that's not really my intent. I developed this list because more often than not, when someone sees me in public carrying my daughter they almost immediately make a comment about my hypothetical 'husband'. Because I have a daughter so there must be a husband, right? And if not, I'm immediately someone with no morals who is obviously confused about right and wrong because I can still proudly wear a smile knowing that I'm NOT married, nor do I intend to be. Which then leads to the looks of pity I receive when I let slip to anyone that I, in fact, don't believe in such a thing as marriage.  So this post today is more for myself I suppose, than anything else. If I've offended you in some way, that was certainly not my intent. 

Does anyone else feel the same about marriage as I do? Or maybe not even about marriage in general but young marriage (as in, under the age of 25)? 

Feel free to leave a comment ! :)


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