August Goals: Recap

Aug 29, 2014

I kind of feel like I slacked a little bit this month as I probably only looked back at this post maybe twice to see what my goals were. I know, shame on me! Regardless, here we are now at the end of the month {I can't believe this - I swear I just wrote my goal's post yesterday - is it just me or did this month completely fly by?} and it's time to assess the damage. So what did I actually accomplish this month? Let's compare:

Currently: Vol. 1

Aug 27, 2014

I've been seeing these lovely little mini questionnaires all over the place in the blog world lately and decided to give it a go. Because, why not? 

Thinking About:
Setting big goals. I'm a natural planner and list maker. A few big things that are on my list to accomplish in say, the next 6 months or so, would include: Paying every single bill ON TIME! {even that pesky water bill that I always seem to forget about somehow}, get a new puppy/dog {see here}, invest in a DSLR {this one is a biggie!}, work on my time management skills to make more time for my family {both at home and extended}. Honestly it seems like this is the type of thing that's always taking up the most space in my mind on a day to day basis: bettering myself. I've come to a point in my life where I know how much certain things matter and I've realized how much certain things really don't. I'm prioritizing to my best ability... I think I'm doing okay so far. Of course, there's always room for improvement though. ;)

Early Fall: Outfit Love

Aug 22, 2014

Okay guys, here it is: my very first attempt at an "OOTD" post! Only because I really liked my outfit yesterday. And because I was left unattended at work most of the day and there just happens to be a really pretty brick wall on the side of our building that's shaded. Coincidence or fate? I'll let you be the judge. ;)

Now, it may not actually feel like Fall yet in the South (it was like 96 degrees yesterday 0.0) but I'm ready to bring out my Fall wardrobe so I'm taking baby-steps. Plus its like 50 degrees in my office at all times so I can totally justify the scarf (and the oversized sweater I keep at my desk and wear almost daily - not pictured). 

So anyways, here we are with my totally last minute thrown together pre-Fall look for the office! 
{were there enough adjectives in there or should I have kept going? ;) }

Wantable Accessories Box Review: August 2014

Aug 18, 2014

Okay guys, I'm super excited about this blog post topic! So, I got my first Wantable box in the mail this weekend and let me tell you - I AM IN LOVE! I'm already addicted and can't wait for next month's box. How pathetic am I? But that's just how much I loved all of the fun stuff that I got - all of which was picked out just for me! Who wouldn't love to have their own personal stylist online who sends them stuff in the mail? I mean really? Talk about an amazing concept. 

If you've never heard of a Wantable box before or are just intrigued, as I was, about this interesting new concept of retail subscription box full of goodies being delivered to your door - like any ordinary magazine would be - then here's a quick breakdown for you:

Then and Now: Happy Birthday To Me!

Aug 15, 2014

In honor of my birthday month, I've decided to take a quick look back at how myself {and my life in general} have changed since this time last year. So, of course I made a couple of lists. How could I not? :)

The girl who was freshly 21 ^

- Brand new mommy, which means I was completely lost, confused, overwhelmed. I didn't know up from down at this point. And unfortunately for me it was NOT because I was heavily drinking the entire week like all of the other 21 year old's I know. I was in full on new mommy mode still adapting to my 2 month old and living on very little to no sleep.

- My first legal drink in a restaurant was with my Nana. Love her!

- Involved in a miserable relationship that was totally falling apart. Or was never really wonderful to begin with, depending on who you ask. 

- Pretty sure I was living with my cousin and her 3 kids at the time. (The first three months of Evelyn's life is such a blur - I honestly cant remember.)

- Feelings of inadequacy pretty much ruled my day.

- Unemployed

- Not much of a social circle other than family. A lot of this was my own fault.

I know this sounds like a pity party and I'm honestly trying to think of something positive to say about this time in my life but I can only think of one - Evelyn. Nothing else was going very well for me at the time.

SO! Moving on...

The girl who is about to be 22 ^

- Awesome job that pays well with great co-workers. AND it's full time. Need I say more?

- An absolutely beautiful toddler who refuses to let our day go by without a million and one laughs and smiles and kisses. I can assure you, there are plenty of these to go around at my house. :)

- Still not much of a social circle, but I'm much more okay with this now. If you didn't care enough to keep in touch after I had Evelyn, YOUR loss. I don't need you. 

- I feel like I've finally found my independence again, and it's absolutely lovely. 

I know I've come a very long way from where I was and the person I was this time last year. Like, I'm talking night and day here. And I'd like to think that Evelyn had everything to do with the fact that I'm on the brighter side of life now. Before she arrived and turned my world upside down, I had absolutely no purpose. There was no plan. I was a drifter in life. One of those 'take everything as it comes and roll with the punches' kind of  people. Now, if I don't like something, I will not hesitate to change it because I know what's best for my daughter and I. And if someone or some situation is not in our best interest, then he/she/it has got to go. And that change of attitude has been absolutely amazing and so very freeing for me. I feel like a completely new person, and that, to me, is such a beautiful thing. 

* The second picture up there is of my beautiful mother and I a few weeks ago. She has so much to do with where I am today too and how far I've come. I couldn't even begin to imagine my life without her and I know I could never thank her enough for everything she does for me and my baby girl. I know everyone says this, but I really was blessed with the most beautiful and loving mother in the world! 
I love you mom! <3

xo Olivia

New Dog? Yes, Please

Aug 7, 2014

Eden <3

I don't know why exactly, but I have been REALLY wanting to adopt a dog for the past few months. It's like a craving that wont go away. I've done all the research, visited shelters, "window shopped" adoptable dogs online and nothing seems to satiate my want for a dog. I'm not sure if it's because I still haven't gotten over having to give up my "first born" Eden almost a year ago, or if I'm beginning to feel the heat of baby fever again and feel the need to get a puppy rather than having another child. (For the record, this is absolutely not going to happen for at least a few more years) I just don't know what the deal is, but I cannot stop thinking about adopting a dog! (Or buying my own home; but that's a whole other issue for another day)

I know it's also partly because I don't feel quite complete without a dog in my family. I've always had a dog (sometimes multiple dogs) ever since I was a baby. Living on my own and not having a loving pet to come home to just doesn't feel right to me. Something is missing. 

I'd go out and adopt a dog/pup right now if I could but there are just a few things holding me back... 


I don't have the minimum $200 extra to spend on adoption fees, dog food, vet visits, etc. at the moment. Although I have been slowly saving for when the time comes. 


I'm holding out for just the right one. I know exactly what I want and haven't found it yet. (Actually I have, a couple of times. But the perfect dog(s) I found was a Pit Bull which my townhouse will not allow. Damn you social media for giving such a beautiful and loving breed such a very very bad public image.)


I have mixed feelings about waiting until Evelyn is older and I wont have to worry about a dog knocking her over on accident; or, getting Evelyn a dog while shes young and allowing them to grow up together. She already absolutely adores animals - every time she sees any of my family members' dogs, she immediately locks them in a gentle bear hug with her arms around their neck and gives their nose kisses. She freaking loves dogs. 

So, basically this leaves me scouring craigslist for anyone needing to give up their loving family dog whos still young, good with kids, and house trained. And if that fails, hopefully it wont take me too long to save up the money for adoption and I can expand my search area a little and add more options to choose. The main breed I've caught myself looking at is a Boxer. I'm not sure if it's the fact that every one of them I've met has had a similar loving and playful personality to that of my beloved Pit Bulls (but with a less aggressive namesake) or if I just have a natural affinity to them but as of now, that seems to be what I'm leaning towards. I'm certainly open to suggestions though if you have any. :)

xx Olivia

Me and my "first born" Eden back in high school. And yes, she slept in the bed with me. What?

Family Day In Atlanta: Little 5 Points

Aug 5, 2014

So I think I deserve a pat on the back you guys. I FINALLY got my homebody-never-wants-to-try-anything-new boyfriend (whom I love so very much, regardless) out of the house this weekend! YESSS. Score 1 for Olivia and my August Goals - starting this month off with a bang! Always a good sign.. ;)


(I'm still not quite done with this one yet though, we've still got a whole month ahead of us, and I have at least 4 more outings planned still!)

The original plan for our day involved going to Atlantic Station for a full day of shopping, food, and maybe a little playing at the park they have there for Evelyn. Well, that plan got nixed pretty quickly once we got there. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday, right before the local schools start back, and oh, did I mention - it was also Georgia's tax free weekend. Oh yeah, brilliant idea Olivia, lets go spend a leisurely day of shopping in Atlanta on the #1 guaranteed BUSIEST SHOPPING WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER. Yep, I definitely didn't think that one through. And from the time we parked the car (and then proceeded to get lost in the parking deck trying to find an elevator to take Evelyn's stroller up to the street level in) to our first store we ventured into, it didn't take long for Luis to decide he was totally over it. And by "didn't take long" I mean we literally spent maybe 30 minutes total in Atlantic Station - most of which we were busy battling crowds and wandering aimlessly around a parking deck where everything looks exactly the same. (I'm telling you, it was impossible to find anything down there. And I like to think I have a decent sense of direction...for the most part anyways ;)) 

So, once we finally escaped the barbaric school clothes shoppers and the maze-like parking deck fiasco we decided to try someplace we'd both been before, and already knew we liked. And off to Little Five Points we went! Now, to be fair, neither of us had been to Little 5 since Evelyn had been born and didnt really consider the fact that most of the shops and stores around there would not be stroller friendly but it was actually a lot of fun still! And, Evelyn got her first pair of baby Toms while we were there too :) 

I realize she looks a bit bow-legged in this picture but I can assure you she is not.
She was in the middle of walking and I caught her mid-step :P
Oh, and those shoes are a size too big for her because if I'm going to be paying $35 for some baby shoes then she is going to wear them as long as possible, dammit. 

Overall it was still a really fun day. WAY better than sitting around the house or staying in the same town we see every other day. Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time. 

If you keep things the same every single day you'll go insane.  

August Goals

Aug 1, 2014

I'm trying to keep my goals a little more simple/practical because not finishing some of them brings me down a little bit. SO! Here is my list for August and I think it's going to be a good month! :) 

Goal #1

Post to the blog more often. Work on honing my writing skills and stick to {somewhat} of a blogging schedule. It's time to start using the 4 page list of blog post ideas I have and make myself proud!

Goal #2

Make more memories. Break free from the everyday and do something. Dedicate at least 2 days a month strictly to family fun. i.e. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Find some cheap/free things to do in my area and do them. No excuses!

Goal #3

Have a successful birthday weekend! Mine and Luis's birthdays are both at the end of August with a lovely weekend separating the two; so we've decided to combine them. I'm absolutely determined to make it a success! For both our sake's. 

Goal #4

Finish redecorating the living room. {we'll see how this one goes y'all} I shared a little peek of it a few days ago on Instagram for those of you who follow me ;)

Goal #5

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer that remain before the chill of Autumn sets in and forces us indoors. {And the way this weather has been so absolutely crazy the past couple of weeks here in Georgia makes me think we will be getting a very early Winter this year :( *sigh}

Goal #6

Take more pictures! This will probably forever be on my goals list. You can never have too many pictures :)

Happy birth month to my love and I!

What are ya'll's plans for the last official month of summer?


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