August Goals: Recap

Aug 29, 2014

I kind of feel like I slacked a little bit this month as I probably only looked back at this post maybe twice to see what my goals were. I know, shame on me! Regardless, here we are now at the end of the month {I can't believe this - I swear I just wrote my goal's post yesterday - is it just me or did this month completely fly by?} and it's time to assess the damage. So what did I actually accomplish this month? Let's compare:

Goal #1 - Post to the blog more often
 I guess, if you really wanna get technical here, then yes - I accomplished this goal. Am I proud of my accomplishment? Not in the least. I know I can do better than 3 more measly posts compared to July. This one may end up rolling over to the September list. But with a little added challenge I think ;) hm... 

Goal #2 - Get out of the house
I think I've pretty much accomplished this goal for August and Evelyn definitely has. Luis, Evelyn, and I went to Atlanta at the beginning of the month and we also had quite a few pool days to finish off the summer (and another coming up this weekend for Labor Day with my family). Plus Evelyn went with Luis to his brother's graduation from Basic Training in south Georgia last Friday. I think this may be another goal that continues into September but I'll be a little more specific as to what I want to do and where to go - etc. After all, planning is one of my strengths... it's the follow through I need to work on. 

Goal #3 - Have a successful birthday weekend
Check! Pool party at my aunt and uncles house and all the pizza you could eat. Plus, for my actual birthday Luis sent flowers to my job, it was soo sweet! I love them so much! And they're still alive and smell great over a week later - can you believe that?! And my wonderful bosses also brought me flowers, cake, and a $50 gift card!! I know, I work for the best employers in the world. Be jealous. ;)

Goal #4 - Finish redecorating the living room
Total Fail. I'm not even going to get into it on here. This will just have to wait for a different month. 

Goal #5 - Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer
Check! (see above)

Goal #6 - Take more pictures
This will always be on my list but I really do feel like I had my camera out much more often lately than usual. I'm becoming more accustomed to always carrying it with me so there are more opportunities to photograph whatever I come across. Plus, I took a webinar class (as mentioned here) on self-portraiture which opened my eyes a bit and certainly helped me learn about incorporating feelings into your poses and showing emotion with your photos. It was actually really neat to try to accomplish and also very challenging for me! I'm an introvert - showing emotion doesn't come easily to me. 

So, overall I'd say not too bad considering I hardly referred back to these goals throughout the month. Maybe a goal for next month will be to remember to check back in on my goals halfway through ;) haha

Do you guys try to make monthly or even weekly goals for yourself? If so, whats on your list for September?

xo Olivia

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