August Goals

Aug 1, 2014

I'm trying to keep my goals a little more simple/practical because not finishing some of them brings me down a little bit. SO! Here is my list for August and I think it's going to be a good month! :) 

Goal #1

Post to the blog more often. Work on honing my writing skills and stick to {somewhat} of a blogging schedule. It's time to start using the 4 page list of blog post ideas I have and make myself proud!

Goal #2

Make more memories. Break free from the everyday and do something. Dedicate at least 2 days a month strictly to family fun. i.e. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Find some cheap/free things to do in my area and do them. No excuses!

Goal #3

Have a successful birthday weekend! Mine and Luis's birthdays are both at the end of August with a lovely weekend separating the two; so we've decided to combine them. I'm absolutely determined to make it a success! For both our sake's. 

Goal #4

Finish redecorating the living room. {we'll see how this one goes y'all} I shared a little peek of it a few days ago on Instagram for those of you who follow me ;)

Goal #5

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer that remain before the chill of Autumn sets in and forces us indoors. {And the way this weather has been so absolutely crazy the past couple of weeks here in Georgia makes me think we will be getting a very early Winter this year :( *sigh}

Goal #6

Take more pictures! This will probably forever be on my goals list. You can never have too many pictures :)

Happy birth month to my love and I!

What are ya'll's plans for the last official month of summer?


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