Early Fall: Outfit Love

Aug 22, 2014

Okay guys, here it is: my very first attempt at an "OOTD" post! Only because I really liked my outfit yesterday. And because I was left unattended at work most of the day and there just happens to be a really pretty brick wall on the side of our building that's shaded. Coincidence or fate? I'll let you be the judge. ;)

Now, it may not actually feel like Fall yet in the South (it was like 96 degrees yesterday 0.0) but I'm ready to bring out my Fall wardrobe so I'm taking baby-steps. Plus its like 50 degrees in my office at all times so I can totally justify the scarf (and the oversized sweater I keep at my desk and wear almost daily - not pictured). 

So anyways, here we are with my totally last minute thrown together pre-Fall look for the office! 
{were there enough adjectives in there or should I have kept going? ;) }

Okay so I really wish I could be like all of those amazing bloggers who put links to what they're wearing or can tell you exactly which store to go buy their clothes at, etc. but honestly. I have no idea where half of this stuff came from because it's all been in my closet for so long. But hey, I'll give it my best anyway. Why not, right? 

Dress: Either Forever 21 or H&M 
(my go-to stores for all things cute and cheap)
And this dress is at least 3 years old so cut me some slack here. 
Or it may have even been Target now that I think about it. Shit. 
Shoes: Forever 21 (maybe?)
Belt: No Idea - probably came with some random dress I bought at some point. 
Scarf: Wantable :)

And as I'm sure none of you have noticed I'm continuing to rock my favorite hairstyle today - the 1 minute bun. I get ready in a ridiculous hurry every morning. (what can I say? I love my sleep. sue me.) Therefore, if I come to work and my hair isn't still dripping from my last minute shower I basically ran out of 30 minutes before arriving to the office, then it's a good day. What? Judge me. It's whatev.

This was also my first attempt at mixing patterns. I thought it turned out nicely. :)

xo Olivia

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