Family Day In Atlanta: Little 5 Points

Aug 5, 2014

So I think I deserve a pat on the back you guys. I FINALLY got my homebody-never-wants-to-try-anything-new boyfriend (whom I love so very much, regardless) out of the house this weekend! YESSS. Score 1 for Olivia and my August Goals - starting this month off with a bang! Always a good sign.. ;)


(I'm still not quite done with this one yet though, we've still got a whole month ahead of us, and I have at least 4 more outings planned still!)

The original plan for our day involved going to Atlantic Station for a full day of shopping, food, and maybe a little playing at the park they have there for Evelyn. Well, that plan got nixed pretty quickly once we got there. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday, right before the local schools start back, and oh, did I mention - it was also Georgia's tax free weekend. Oh yeah, brilliant idea Olivia, lets go spend a leisurely day of shopping in Atlanta on the #1 guaranteed BUSIEST SHOPPING WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER. Yep, I definitely didn't think that one through. And from the time we parked the car (and then proceeded to get lost in the parking deck trying to find an elevator to take Evelyn's stroller up to the street level in) to our first store we ventured into, it didn't take long for Luis to decide he was totally over it. And by "didn't take long" I mean we literally spent maybe 30 minutes total in Atlantic Station - most of which we were busy battling crowds and wandering aimlessly around a parking deck where everything looks exactly the same. (I'm telling you, it was impossible to find anything down there. And I like to think I have a decent sense of direction...for the most part anyways ;)) 

So, once we finally escaped the barbaric school clothes shoppers and the maze-like parking deck fiasco we decided to try someplace we'd both been before, and already knew we liked. And off to Little Five Points we went! Now, to be fair, neither of us had been to Little 5 since Evelyn had been born and didnt really consider the fact that most of the shops and stores around there would not be stroller friendly but it was actually a lot of fun still! And, Evelyn got her first pair of baby Toms while we were there too :) 

I realize she looks a bit bow-legged in this picture but I can assure you she is not.
She was in the middle of walking and I caught her mid-step :P
Oh, and those shoes are a size too big for her because if I'm going to be paying $35 for some baby shoes then she is going to wear them as long as possible, dammit. 

Overall it was still a really fun day. WAY better than sitting around the house or staying in the same town we see every other day. Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time. 

If you keep things the same every single day you'll go insane.  

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