New Dog? Yes, Please

Aug 7, 2014

Eden <3

I don't know why exactly, but I have been REALLY wanting to adopt a dog for the past few months. It's like a craving that wont go away. I've done all the research, visited shelters, "window shopped" adoptable dogs online and nothing seems to satiate my want for a dog. I'm not sure if it's because I still haven't gotten over having to give up my "first born" Eden almost a year ago, or if I'm beginning to feel the heat of baby fever again and feel the need to get a puppy rather than having another child. (For the record, this is absolutely not going to happen for at least a few more years) I just don't know what the deal is, but I cannot stop thinking about adopting a dog! (Or buying my own home; but that's a whole other issue for another day)

I know it's also partly because I don't feel quite complete without a dog in my family. I've always had a dog (sometimes multiple dogs) ever since I was a baby. Living on my own and not having a loving pet to come home to just doesn't feel right to me. Something is missing. 

I'd go out and adopt a dog/pup right now if I could but there are just a few things holding me back... 


I don't have the minimum $200 extra to spend on adoption fees, dog food, vet visits, etc. at the moment. Although I have been slowly saving for when the time comes. 


I'm holding out for just the right one. I know exactly what I want and haven't found it yet. (Actually I have, a couple of times. But the perfect dog(s) I found was a Pit Bull which my townhouse will not allow. Damn you social media for giving such a beautiful and loving breed such a very very bad public image.)


I have mixed feelings about waiting until Evelyn is older and I wont have to worry about a dog knocking her over on accident; or, getting Evelyn a dog while shes young and allowing them to grow up together. She already absolutely adores animals - every time she sees any of my family members' dogs, she immediately locks them in a gentle bear hug with her arms around their neck and gives their nose kisses. She freaking loves dogs. 

So, basically this leaves me scouring craigslist for anyone needing to give up their loving family dog whos still young, good with kids, and house trained. And if that fails, hopefully it wont take me too long to save up the money for adoption and I can expand my search area a little and add more options to choose. The main breed I've caught myself looking at is a Boxer. I'm not sure if it's the fact that every one of them I've met has had a similar loving and playful personality to that of my beloved Pit Bulls (but with a less aggressive namesake) or if I just have a natural affinity to them but as of now, that seems to be what I'm leaning towards. I'm certainly open to suggestions though if you have any. :)

xx Olivia

Me and my "first born" Eden back in high school. And yes, she slept in the bed with me. What?

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