Then and Now: Happy Birthday To Me!

Aug 15, 2014

In honor of my birthday month, I've decided to take a quick look back at how myself {and my life in general} have changed since this time last year. So, of course I made a couple of lists. How could I not? :)

The girl who was freshly 21 ^

- Brand new mommy, which means I was completely lost, confused, overwhelmed. I didn't know up from down at this point. And unfortunately for me it was NOT because I was heavily drinking the entire week like all of the other 21 year old's I know. I was in full on new mommy mode still adapting to my 2 month old and living on very little to no sleep.

- My first legal drink in a restaurant was with my Nana. Love her!

- Involved in a miserable relationship that was totally falling apart. Or was never really wonderful to begin with, depending on who you ask. 

- Pretty sure I was living with my cousin and her 3 kids at the time. (The first three months of Evelyn's life is such a blur - I honestly cant remember.)

- Feelings of inadequacy pretty much ruled my day.

- Unemployed

- Not much of a social circle other than family. A lot of this was my own fault.

I know this sounds like a pity party and I'm honestly trying to think of something positive to say about this time in my life but I can only think of one - Evelyn. Nothing else was going very well for me at the time.

SO! Moving on...

The girl who is about to be 22 ^

- Awesome job that pays well with great co-workers. AND it's full time. Need I say more?

- An absolutely beautiful toddler who refuses to let our day go by without a million and one laughs and smiles and kisses. I can assure you, there are plenty of these to go around at my house. :)

- Still not much of a social circle, but I'm much more okay with this now. If you didn't care enough to keep in touch after I had Evelyn, YOUR loss. I don't need you. 

- I feel like I've finally found my independence again, and it's absolutely lovely. 

I know I've come a very long way from where I was and the person I was this time last year. Like, I'm talking night and day here. And I'd like to think that Evelyn had everything to do with the fact that I'm on the brighter side of life now. Before she arrived and turned my world upside down, I had absolutely no purpose. There was no plan. I was a drifter in life. One of those 'take everything as it comes and roll with the punches' kind of  people. Now, if I don't like something, I will not hesitate to change it because I know what's best for my daughter and I. And if someone or some situation is not in our best interest, then he/she/it has got to go. And that change of attitude has been absolutely amazing and so very freeing for me. I feel like a completely new person, and that, to me, is such a beautiful thing. 

* The second picture up there is of my beautiful mother and I a few weeks ago. She has so much to do with where I am today too and how far I've come. I couldn't even begin to imagine my life without her and I know I could never thank her enough for everything she does for me and my baby girl. I know everyone says this, but I really was blessed with the most beautiful and loving mother in the world! 
I love you mom! <3

xo Olivia

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