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Sep 25, 2014

I haven't done one of these in a couple of weeks  it's been almost a full month. Oops! (check out my last one here) so I thought I'd go ahead and get back to it. It's amazing how much can change from week to week. I'd like to start doing these posts weekly but we'll see how that goes. I'm trying to ease up on the blogging pressure I put on myself so I make no promises, but maybe I'll have another one for you guys next week ;)

Thinking About:

Goal setting, relationship issues, the fact that my poor baby had to get shots at the doctor this morning, being more dedicated to my blog and certain ideas that have been bouncing around my head for the past few days, my new dishwasher and how awesome it is to have such conveniences, where I'd like to live in 5 years (should I stay in my hometown? Or move only 30 minutes away so I'm still close to family? Or maybe North Carolina, I don't know why but I can't seem to shake the idea of living closer to the mountains...). Seriously? I'm a woman -  I think about a million things at once at all times. If you asked me this again in 5 minutes my answer would probably be different. 

Goal Setting: 2015

Sep 24, 2014

Is it weird that I'm already setting goals for 2015? Shall we call it over-achieving or just being a control freak? Honestly, I'm not even sure yet. Maybe somewhere in the middle of the two? A happy medium, per say? 

Well, whatever you wanna call it - I've already begun setting goals for next year and I'm so excited about it! And I'm not talking about some lame New Year's resolution type of thing, I'm talking about visualizing where I want to be in a year and making action lists that will help me get there. And I am going to get there. I have full confidence in myself for the first time in a long time and I love it. I'm learning to trust myself again and I'm taking baby steps to get to the "bigger picture" that I see for myself and for my daughter. I remind myself every day that she is the reason that I do everything that I do now. What better motivation is there than your own child(ren)?

A huge part of this is getting my finances in order and settling debts. I've already begun working on this and though my progress is minimal as of yet, it is still progress and I'll take it proudly. I know for a fact that sometime in the next five years I want to be able to purchase a house for my daughter and I, and I also know that you can't do that until you have a very good credit score and a decent income. (For the house I'd like to be able to afford anyway. What? I'm picky and I know what I want. Sue me.)  

Another part of this is getting back into traveling. It's been a huge dream of mine since I was a little kid to be able to "see the world". You know, explore new places, meet new people, have new experiences. What better way is there to get the most out of life? I don't want to feel limited in any aspect of my life and I also don't want to regret later in life not doing things like this while I'm young and have such a desire to do so. Plus, I hope to be able to share my love of travel with my daughter, so I'd really like to introduce her young. Now, I'm not talking about going on a tour of Europe or anything too crazy (yet) but I'd love to visit some of the nearby cities with her like Charleston or Savannah on the coast or Asheville to give her a taste of the mountains. Like I said... baby steps. 

There are also many other areas I'd like to improve upon in the next year for my own personal growth and well-being. The main focus for me will be improving my general skill set, both for work and for everyday life. I wont bore you with all of them but a few at the top are learning to use my DSLR to it's fullest potential and, in turn, doing the same with Lightroom. Plus enhancing certain job-related skills such excel and time management. Honestly, I think it would be great for me if I just focused all of my energies on time management because I completely suck at it but I'm practical enough to know that I would get bored with it very quickly. And I repeat... baby steps people. 

So tell me, are you the kind of excessive planner that starts making goals for next year in September like me? Or could you just totally care less? This being the first year that such a thing has occurred to me to do for myself, I'm really curious how others go about goal setting and actually accomplishing those goals. Any feedback would be wonderful!

xo Olivia


Sep 18, 2014

And this is the hardest part of my day - because I have to leave her every morning.

How Renting Takes Away Your Individuality - And How To Fix It

Sep 17, 2014

I'm just going to get straight to the point here - sometimes renting really stinks. Don't get me wrong, certain aspects of it are wonderful like not ever having to mow your own lawn. Or do any general home maintenance like fixing leaky pipes or a broken air conditioner. All of that stuff is very convenient and definitely a perk to renting vs owning. My main issue with living in rentals for the past 3 years - the MAJOR limitations when it comes to customizing a space to make it your own.

Everyone wants to come home to their own space that says "Welcome home (insert name here)!" Right?? It's not so fun to come home to a place and being unsure if this is really your unit or did the lady next door leave her door unlocked and you stumbled into her place by accident. I mean, they all look the same right? Same layout, same paint color, same general appliances... you get the picture. Living in a rental is an easy way to throw any home 'character' right out the window.

{Unless of course you live in a rental house in a charming woodsy setting that was built in the early 1900's and has since been remodeled with modern conveniences and window seats. In which case, I am beyond jealous and your life must be near perfect.}

So, moving on. 

Weekend Re-Cap In Photos

Sep 15, 2014

I just thought I'd do a little weekend re-cap in snap shot form! I know I've been neglecting my blog for the past week or so but I promise there is an explanation! I will be back shortly to explain and play a little catch-up but until then, I leave you with this: 

Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot Inspiration

Sep 10, 2014

I've been really wanting to do a mother-daughter photo shoot with Evelyn lately and just haven't had the chance to arrange it yet, so this is me trying to organize my thoughts. (It's also part of my September Goals!)My friend Jaimie has told me she'd be more than happy to work with us, we just need to bounce some ideas around to get an idea of the setup and location we want. Since I've found so many gorgeous mother-daughter (or son in some cases) pictures through my extensive Pinterest search (I mean really what greater resource is there? I don't even bother with Google anymore!) I decided some of them were too good not to share. Plus this will help me organize my ideas for my own photo shoot! Let the inspiration begin!

{All links are provided by either clicking the photos or the print below each photo}

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Sep 7, 2014

There's just something so magical about the ease and calm of a Sunday morning, isn't there? 
Why can't every day be like Sunday? 

Now that I work full time Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. And this morning Evelyn actually let me sleep in and she's still sleeping. And with Luis having his military training this weekend that means I got to wake up and lay in bed for as long as I wanted before coming downstairs to make my morning cup of coffee. Ahhh, so relaxing. I've been loving every minute of it. :) So I thought I'd take a few pictures to show you what a Sunday morning really looks like around my house. (before the baby wakes up anyways - after is a whole other story.) 

Meet Kingsley! Our Newest Addition

Sep 5, 2014

We welcomed this little cutie pie ^ into the family last weekend! August 30th to be exact. We tossed around a bunch of names most of the weekend and eventually settled on Kingsley {you know, from Harry Potter} He may be somewhat little now but this guy is going to get to an impressive size if paws really are an indicator of that. Plus, hes extremely solid. This little guy probably weighs at least 35 lbs already. He definitely beats Evelyn in the weight department although right now they are both about the same size. It's adorable. :)

September Goals!

Sep 3, 2014

Okay, I know we're already a few days into September but hey, it was a holiday weekend you guys, cut me some slack. Plus, I've actually had these written down in a notebook for at least a week, so that counts as being prepared at least, right?

Either way. I am so excited for September! I know I can't be the only one.... only 19 days until it is officially Fall! On the calendar at least. We here in the south live on a bit of a different timetable with the seasons. It's different every year. We just have to kind of twiddle our thumbs and wait for the cooler breezes to start drifting in. 

It always starts with those cool mornings where you just need a cardigan or light jacket but then those mornings still turn into 90 degree afternoons for at least a couple of weeks. And then slowly it starts inching it's way down into the 80's and once it hit's mid-70's - that's when I really start to count the days as "Fall". We've got a little ways to go here in Georgia before we actually make it to the best season of the year but nonetheless, September brings us one step closer :) Ahhh yayyyy!! 

So my goals for September are...:
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