Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Sep 7, 2014

There's just something so magical about the ease and calm of a Sunday morning, isn't there? 
Why can't every day be like Sunday? 

Now that I work full time Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. And this morning Evelyn actually let me sleep in and she's still sleeping. And with Luis having his military training this weekend that means I got to wake up and lay in bed for as long as I wanted before coming downstairs to make my morning cup of coffee. Ahhh, so relaxing. I've been loving every minute of it. :) So I thought I'd take a few pictures to show you what a Sunday morning really looks like around my house. (before the baby wakes up anyways - after is a whole other story.) 

So what does your Sunday morning look like? 

Hoping everyone has a wonderful (and at least somewhat relaxing) day!! 

xo Olivia 

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