Meet Kingsley! Our Newest Addition

Sep 5, 2014

We welcomed this little cutie pie ^ into the family last weekend! August 30th to be exact. We tossed around a bunch of names most of the weekend and eventually settled on Kingsley {you know, from Harry Potter} He may be somewhat little now but this guy is going to get to an impressive size if paws really are an indicator of that. Plus, hes extremely solid. This little guy probably weighs at least 35 lbs already. He definitely beats Evelyn in the weight department although right now they are both about the same size. It's adorable. :)

Speaking of Evelyn, she absolutely adores Kingsley. And I'm so happy they get along so well. The main reason we wanted to get a puppy in the first place was so Evelyn could grow up with a family dog as both Luis and I did. As I said here, a family just doesn't seem complete without a dog. And Kingsley seems to fit pretty perfectly into ours already. We are lucky to have him!

First day home

At the pool, Labor Day Weekend.

Loveee <3

2nd day - after coming home from our Labor Day pool party with the family :)

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