Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot Inspiration

Sep 10, 2014

I've been really wanting to do a mother-daughter photo shoot with Evelyn lately and just haven't had the chance to arrange it yet, so this is me trying to organize my thoughts. (It's also part of my September Goals!)My friend Jaimie has told me she'd be more than happy to work with us, we just need to bounce some ideas around to get an idea of the setup and location we want. Since I've found so many gorgeous mother-daughter (or son in some cases) pictures through my extensive Pinterest search (I mean really what greater resource is there? I don't even bother with Google anymore!) I decided some of them were too good not to share. Plus this will help me organize my ideas for my own photo shoot! Let the inspiration begin!

{All links are provided by either clicking the photos or the print below each photo}

I couldn't find a source for this one but it was too perfect not to add. If anyone knows where this originated please leave it in the comments! I'd love to see more work by this photographer!
Meg Bitton Photography
Me Oh My Mama Blog

Amie Pendle Photography
Jackie Culmer Photography
Can I just say that I actually love every single thing about this photo shoot? LOVE. 

Okay, I think it's safe to say that we need to take them someplace outside, probably around dusk, and bring a blanket/basic props. We'll shoot for October. And I'd like to add a teepee, just to make things more fun for Evelyn. (And really me too but shh...we'll just keep that between us) ;) Working on this has made me that much more excited to start collecting/making props for this photo shoot! 

Teepee example ^  ;)

xo Olivia

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