September Goals!

Sep 3, 2014

Okay, I know we're already a few days into September but hey, it was a holiday weekend you guys, cut me some slack. Plus, I've actually had these written down in a notebook for at least a week, so that counts as being prepared at least, right?

Either way. I am so excited for September! I know I can't be the only one.... only 19 days until it is officially Fall! On the calendar at least. We here in the south live on a bit of a different timetable with the seasons. It's different every year. We just have to kind of twiddle our thumbs and wait for the cooler breezes to start drifting in. 

It always starts with those cool mornings where you just need a cardigan or light jacket but then those mornings still turn into 90 degree afternoons for at least a couple of weeks. And then slowly it starts inching it's way down into the 80's and once it hit's mid-70's - that's when I really start to count the days as "Fall". We've got a little ways to go here in Georgia before we actually make it to the best season of the year but nonetheless, September brings us one step closer :) Ahhh yayyyy!! 

So my goals for September are...:

  • Start doing a weekly recap in photos again. I used to be so good about this before I took my little blogging break back in March and I really would like to get back into it. It's a great way to document our lives and also makes sure that I always have a camera in my hand!   

  • Have at least twice as many blog posts as I did in August. Maybe 3-4 minimum a week would do the trick? I haven't bothered to do the math so I'll get back to you on that one. 

  • Do a mother/daughter photo shoot. Maybe my good friend Jaimie will help me out with this one? We'll see :)
    • This is in the works!

  • Get my license renewed!! (It expired on my birthday last month. Oops :/)

  • Learn at least the basics in Lightroom. I recently got Lightroom and Photoshop for myself as a birthday present and have no idea how to use it. Like seriously, no idea. So, I'm dedicating my free time this month to teaching myself Lightroom. I don't care how many tutorials I watch and how much time it takes, I am going to get somewhere with this before the holidays. 

  • Cross at least 5 people off my Christmas gift list. I have a ridiculously large family so if I don't start buying this early, they're all getting things from the Dollar Tree. This is an effort to avoid that. You're welcome fam. ;)      
    •  I got to 3 + 2 birthdays. I'm counting it as 5. Same thing. :)

  • Get more sleep / start waking up earlier. If this means making myself go to bed when I'm feeling tired instead of staying up to do some random chore then so be it. The chore(s) can wait. I need sleep in order to be happy and trust me, that is way more important than a spotless house.

  • Clean out my closet. Get ready for Fall/Winter clothes and get rid of anything that I haven't worn in the last 6 months. 

  • Read to Evelyn every night before bed. I'd like to say this is already in her nightly routine but we've gotten a bit out of the habit of reading to her for whatever reason... she's already going to bed late; she's too fussy; I'm too tired; she's already distracted; etc. No more excuses for this mama. Reading with Evelyn - every night - no matter what

  • Make a piece of artwork for my upstairs hallway. There has been nothing on the walls up there since we moved in almost 5 months ago. It's time to change that! 

It seems like a lot of goals for this month but I think I'm up for the task. I may even add in a few as the month goes on....we'll see :)

If you guys have a goals post for September then leave your url in the comments below, I'd love to check it out! 

xo Olivia

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