Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Review

Oct 29, 2014

Let me just start out by saying I love this palette! First of all, the packaging itself is just as high quality as the full sized "Naked" Palettes by Urban Decay. It has a very soft and high quality feel on the outside and is made out of thick plastic, making it quite durable. My toddler got a hold of mine and used it as a make-shift bouncy-ball one day and it did absolutely zero damage. The mirror on the inside wasn't broken and not a speck of shadow was out of place. That's a total win in my book - I'm sure all the mom's out there would agree.

Weekly Wishes, Vol. 1

Oct 27, 2014

Hello there! You all know how much I love goal setting so when I came across this particular link-up, I just couldn't resist. There are a few things I'd been thinking about lately that arent on my monthly goals so this seemed like the perfect place to put them! Plus, it's a much shorter time-line to get things done, which turns the pressure up and usually makes me much more productive. I work better under stress, so feel free to hold me to this list !

Volume 1

  1. Unplug once I get home. I need to be so much better about just putting my phone on the counter or leaving it in my purse and just leaving it alone and being present with my daughter. This is the only way to guarantee that I have as much quality time with her as my one and only focus. And even after her bed time, I need to stop staying glued to the thing. A little "me time" to just be with myself and think is much needed. 
  2. Publish the review I wrote on my Urban Decays Naked Basics 2 palette that's been sitting in my drafts since 2 weeks ago. Or, more specifically, finish taking/uploading/editing the pictures for said post. 
  3. Along the same lines ^, finish and publish the post I have written about mine and Evelyn's weekend trip to the pumpkin patch 2 weeks ago. Complete with wonderful family pictures by the very talented, Jaimie Ann Photography
  4. Choose photo from above mentioned Pumpkin Patch visit to have printed and order it! No procrastination! I have a lovely 11x14 photo frame that is already hung on the wall and needs a wonderful picture to replace the one that came with it! (for the record, I find it hilarious that no one that's come over to my house has actually noticed that the picture inside the frame is the one from the store)
  5. Have a successful Halloween of course! I'm praying that Evelyn has gotten over being scared of her Halloween costume by the time Friday rolls around. (It's an owl costume - shes extremely upset about the talons that cover up her feet. Poor thing) Wish me luck!
And that's it for this week!


Feel free to click the button below and check out what other bloggers have going on over the next few days!

October 25th.

Oct 24, 2014

Tomorrow (October 25th) is my cousin's would-be 23rd birthday. It seems like this date sneaks up on me every year and then everything floods back into my mind about Ally and what happened 12 years ago. 12 years. Just typing that seems strange to me. Has it really been that long? It doesn't seem possible that it's been over a decade since I've seen her or talked to her but here we are. On the eve of a day that should be celebrated, yet I know all too well that instead I'll be bringing balloons and flowers to a gravestone up next to the tree line in Cassville Cemetery. I can feel the lump in my throat now just thinking about it.

A Peek Into My Life

I know I've been absolutely awful about my repeated absences here on the blog for the past couple of months so as an explanation for said disappearances, I just thought I'd give a little rundown of how my days/weeks have been going since I started my new job at the end of May. (And apparently run-on sentences are my new forte.) It's been a total whirlwind, I can assure you and honestly, they all pretty much run together now. I guess that's what happens when you have a full time job and a toddler. Life starts racing past you before you ever have the chance to catch up.

Just to give you a bit of perspective though here is a typical workday for me:

6 am - Alarm goes off every 5 minutes until I finally stop hitting snooze around 6:30 and it's time to face reality and start the day.

6:30 - 7:30 - Shower, cup of coffee (if I'm lucky and not running late then I treat myself to 2), hair, makeup, take the dog out, finish up any last second chores before I go to work - i.e. throw laundry in the dryer, empty dishwasher, etc.

7:30-8  - Get Evelyn up and ready to go to her grandma's house while mommy's at work (diaper bag packed, cup of juice in hand, and shoes and jacket on)

8:15(ish) - Leave for work, drop Evelyn off at Grandma's, stop by QT for another coffee and a morning croissant

9-5:30 - Work

6 pm - pick Evelyn up and either head home or run some very fast last minute errand that I wasn't able to get done on my 30 minute lunch break
+ Once we're home I spend as much time with Evelyn as possible playing or cooking dinner before...

7-7:30 - Time for Evelyn's bath and story time before bed.

8 - Clean up any leftover mess from dinner/playtime. Throw laundry in the washer, put dishes in dishwasher, and finish up any other to-dos for the day

9-10-11 This will usually vary every night depending on exactly how many to-do's I still need to get done but I can sometimes squeeze in a half hour or so of Netflix and maybe 20 minutes or so of social media (FB, Insta, Pinterest, Etc) and then it's off to bed, only to start the entire process over tomorrow.

Repeat x 5

Now, weekends are a little different. They are my saving grace when it comes to keeping my mama sanity. This is the time that the "busy" is actually involving all the stuff that I want to do with my daughter and it's what makes me happy and gets me through the upcoming week of very little mother/daughter time. (See above ^) 

My weekends generally consist of at least one visit to varying family member's houses. It's really important to me that Evelyn get in as much family time with the extended family as she can. I, for one, grew up with all of my cousins as if they were sisters and I absolutely loved the feeling of having so many people around me who I was so close to. I want the same things for Evelyn, especially considering she is an only child and probably will remain so. 

These two days are also the time I get to do any outings that I've been wanting to do with Evelyn that we don't have time for during the week. For example, the past few weekends Evelyn and I have been to 2 Pumpkin Patches, visited Nana's house and also fit in a couple of visits to my mom's house in addition to a few park visits on the days that the weather cooperates (she loves the swings!).

Easily, I usually stay just as busy on the weekends as I do during the week. The difference is that it's much less scheduled and much more "if it fits into mine and Evelyn's day without making me feel like I'm going crazy then I'll do it and if it doesn't then so be it". Know what I mean? No? Ah, well, that's okay. It makes sense to me and that's really all that matters. 

And that, my friends, has been my life lately.


P.S. - Feel free to toss any time management tips my way because I will be the first to admit, my time management skills are absolutely atrocious. Thanks in advance!

Proper Office Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of Business Attire

Oct 23, 2014

I, like so many others, have an office job where I work at a computer 90% of my day. The dress code is considered "business casual" and honestly may even be a little more relaxed than that. I recently came across an info-graphic about business casual "do's" and "don't's" and it struck a bit of a cord with me and made me think (maybe a little too much) about how seriously I take my job and how I'm portrayed to my boss and co-workers. It also got me thinking that maybe I need to change (or let's just say tweak a bit for now) my general routine and address that nasty topic of time management and how I suck at it. i.e. Check the second bullet point down there about the wet hair thing. It could totally be avoided if I managed my time better. 

Let me first just say I LOVE my job. I love where I work, the people that I work with everyday, and what I do. Plus, the pay isn't too shabby either ;). However, because I work at a family owned and family run company, I feel like sometimes I don't take my job seriously enough - and mainly in the way that I dress and come into work. Now, usually I dress business casual no matter what. I have had several jobs where this is the dress code so I'm comfortable in slacks and blouses and close-toed shoes - ya know, the general wardrobe you'd picture when you think of office settings. That is perfectly fine with me! In fact I might even go so far as to say that I like to dress this way. It's empowering in a way to dress nicely for a purpose.
I'm a female, I like to get dressed up from time to time. What?

However, it's also tempting that wearing jeans to work is perfectly acceptable on a day to day basis. (I know, even I'm not used to this little luxury yet) I do try to keep it down to one (okay maybe two) day a week at most that I'll come to work as a casual jeans and sweater day but it can certainly be hard sometimes to choose slacks over my comfiest jeans. After all I am sitting in an office for the majority of my day... if I can do that as comfortably as possible then why not? But no! This is where the info-graphic comes in. If I'm dressing down all the time and only looking the part of any other bum on the streets then what kind of impression am I really making? My quality of work isn't the only thing that they're going to look at when it comes time for promotions or raises, etc. I know as well as anyone that appearance matters. 

Because of this and my desire to take myself and my amazing job (seriously how did I get so lucky?) more seriously and nip any slacking on my part right in the bud, I've made my own list of bad habits that I need to break. So, thanks, info-graphic, for bringing this to my attention. Preeesh. 

Areas Of Improvement

+ Stop wearing jeans to work Olivia. Just stop it altogether. Except maybe on Fridays. I'll grant myself a casual Friday. Yes. That sounds fine. 

+ Not even bothering to blow dry my hair before work or style it in any way other than a little mousse before I leave the house. I think I took this "bed head" trend and ran way too far with it. 
        *It's getting chilly now anyways and unless I want to spend all winter with a permanent cold, this will have to change very soon. 

+ Showing up without a stitch of makeup on my face. I only work with two other people in my office and this has only happened a handful of times, but still.

+ Chipped nail polish. I am the worst offender when it comes to this one. Am I the only one whose nail polish only lasts 2-3 days max without looking like a toddler has been picking pieces of it away as a playtime activity? Seriously though. Why doesn't nail polish last longer??? 

So, for those of you who work in a professional "business casual" environment - or even those of you who don't but feel the need to dress nicely at work regardless - are you guilty of any of the "don'ts" on this list? What are some of your favorite go-to pieces to wear to the office that are comfortable yet professional? I'd love to hear any suggestions or opinions about their idea of the do's and don'ts. Do you agree? Why or why not?


Unfortunately I couldn't get the picture any bigger than it is but here is the source for the info-graphic which is also a great article to read that correlates to my blog post a bit ;) 

October Insta-Roundup

Oct 20, 2014

Hello again! 
For those of you who were wondering, I am, indeed, still here. I can't believe I haven't taken the time to post anything the entire month and it's already the 20th! Talk about the epitome of a bad blogger. You know how everyone's on this "Blogtober" kick at the moment? Well, lets just say I'm going against the grain and being a bit of a rebel by doing the exact opposite of blogging every day this month ;) . Ha, but seriously though it has been such a busy month I just haven't found the time to type anything out. (Not anything worthwhile anyway. Kinda like how this post is going so far.) So in order to catch everyone up to speed I thought I'd just do a little Instagram roundup and then we can start fresh tomorrow. 
Sound good? 
See you lovelies soon. 

Halloween Costume FAIL. 

Mommy's little budding photographer ;)

And now that we're finally all caught up, stick around for a bit because I'll be featuring all of the amazing shots that my good friend Jaimie from Jaimie Ann Photography captured during our family day at the pumpkin patch last Saturday! 

Oh, and just one last insta-shot. You know I can't leave out the new coffee mug I got a few weeks ago from TJ Maxx. It goes kind of perfectly for my Fall themed coffee flavors of Cinnamon Roll and Pumpkin Spice. Ahh... Fall. <3


October Goals: 2014

Oct 2, 2014

I feel like I somehow totally skipped August and September and now here we are and it's October. It's like time is just racing past me while I'm going at a snail's pace trying to keep up. Allow me to be the first to admit - it's not working. Obviously. And I'm going to blame the fact that I couldn't get this post up yesterday on that too. Just so I feel better. 

SO, anyway. I know the calendar technically says "October" which automatically brings lovely visions of red and orange trees, scarves, boots, and over-sized sweaters but that is just not the reality this year in Georgia. It's 85 degrees here today. And every tree I passed on the way to work this morning (a 30 minute drive) was still green. With the occasional yellow/red leaf. Here's to hoping my beautiful vision of Fall will be brought to life sooner rather than later. 

But now that I'm done complaining (or am I?) - let's get to those goals!

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