Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Review

Oct 29, 2014

Let me just start out by saying I love this palette! First of all, the packaging itself is just as high quality as the full sized "Naked" Palettes by Urban Decay. It has a very soft and high quality feel on the outside and is made out of thick plastic, making it quite durable. My toddler got a hold of mine and used it as a make-shift bouncy-ball one day and it did absolutely zero damage. The mirror on the inside wasn't broken and not a speck of shadow was out of place. That's a total win in my book - I'm sure all the mom's out there would agree.

The colors are perfect for someone like me who basically only bothers with eye shadow when I'm at work and likes to keep things more casual in general - even on the weekend. Although, if I should get a burst of rebellion one day and decide to go with a more bold look, the "Undone" color would work fantastically for a dark smokey eye. The colors are perfect by themselves or even as a base because of the neutral tones and matte finish. I use pretty much all of the colors in my every day makeup routine except for sometimes switching out the Cover and Frisk colors as my base. 

In general I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone thinking of buying it for themselves or as a gift. Usually it's difficult to give something like makeup as a gift item but I think this set could cater to just about anyone's makeup needs, it really is that versatile! The only complaint I have about it at all is that the Frisk shade is almost too neutral for someone with an olive skin tone like myself. It literally looks like I haven't put any shadow on my lids at all unless I layer it on pretty thickly.

+ Side note: I've not tried using the palette without a primer on my lids first so I can't vouch for how well the color will hold up without a primer. If you're looking for a great, inexpensive primer though I would fully recommend the eyelid primer by E.L.F.. I've never had any issues with it and you can buy it at any Target store and it's only a dollar! Heck yes! Also, as you can see ELF's makeup brushes are also pretty great, I use them every single day and have never had an issue with quality of the brushes. They hold up very well and I love them. Don't waste your money on $20 brushes people, these are just as good for only a few bucks! 

Thanks for stopping by today, and apologies on the poor picture quality. As stated here, I was in a bit of a time crunch and had to take these this morning before the sun was even up in order to get any pictures at all for this post! I will very seriously focus on bettering my time management skills...

Until next time,


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