My New-Found Appreciation + A Project for 2015

Nov 20, 2014

I've recently become a bit obsessed with mornings and waking up early. I'm working hard on developing new routines in my life and this was at the very top of my list. Anyone who knows me at all will be completely appalled to read that first sentence because for my entire life I have NEVER been a morning person. At all. Not even a little bit. Just ask one of my sisters, they'll tell you all about it.

I've always been a night owl - awake at all hours of the night - I always found that I was more productive and even more alert in those late night/early morning hours. However, somewhere along the line life happened and I became a mother with a full time job Monday through Friday, and I was totally robbed of my favorite time of day. (Or, rather, favorite time of night) Being wide awake at 3 am is a laughable concept to me know - and being productive at 3 am? Forget about it. I know myself well enough to know that if I were awake at 3 am I'd probably be more pissed off at myself than anything because of the precious hours of sleep that I know I'm missing out on.

Growing up is fun you guys, really. So much fun. Bills and bedtimes and responsibilities. What's not to like?

Anyways, the point of all of this is I needed to find a way to get my "me time" back without sacrificing sleep because sleep is, after all, one of the KEY elements of happiness. Am I right? If you're a mom, no need to answer. This is why it's recently become a priority of mine to make time for myself in the morning. Waking up an hour earlier just to get in a little "me time" before Evelyn is up and running around destroying my clean house (her favorite activity, by far) is the best motivation to get out of bed - even if it is at an ungodly hour by general standards.

One of my main goals for 2015 is to be more intentional with my time. What better way to start than by being more intentional about starting my day in the best way possible? There's just something about the serenity and stillness of mornings. It's absolutely beautiful. To be able to sit down with oneself, coffee in hand, and think about whatever crosses your mind without any distractions. For me, this feels like such a luxury. I feel like it's also been helping me keep my sanity after the crazy year that I've had and the new worries and stresses that have been added to my plate as a single mom. Life can get pretty nasty and likes to throw curve balls at you and honestly, she can be such a bitch sometimes. But alone time + reflection and a good cup of coffee seems to be a pretty great remedy. For now anyway.

This new-found rehab time of sorts has also inspired a new project that I'd like to pursue over the next year or so. Not to be annoyingly vague about it but there will be more on this little project soon enough.  ;)

Until next time.


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