Pumpkin Patch: Fall 2014 + Jaimie Ann Photography

Nov 6, 2014

This post is going to be pretty much about the photos and moments captured by the amazingly talented  Jaimie Ann Photography but here's a quick recap of the day :)

This was just such a fun family day that happened a few weeks ago. Procrastinator much? Absolutely. But anyways, it was very last minute as we decided to go the night before but it actually worked out great! I'm so glad we all got to spend the day together. I don't get to see my sister as often as I'd like so I'm so glad her and Evelyn got to spend some quality time together. And I was super excited when my best friend told me she wanted to come too so she could get some pictures of Evelyn at the pumpkin patch.... um you seriously have to ask? PLEASE come! Not to mention Evelyn totally loves her aunt Jaimie and we always have fun when we're together. Win-Win.

We got there about an hour after the farm opened on Saturday morning so it was pretty much crowd free for the majority of our visit. We went to the pumpkin patch (a must-do this time of year. Duh!), petting zoo, corn maze - most of it was extremely dead but it was still fun- and of course the hayride! They also had pony rides and even camel rides but Evelyn is still a bit too young for all of that.... Maybe next year? Maybe.

Fair warning, there are more pictures in below than there ever should be in a single blog post. But my indecisive nature is totally working against me on this one. And it pretty much won.


Me, Evelyn, and Aunt Kelly! :)

She did not like this guy with the crazy horns. Not at all. 

She found not one but TWO boys while we were there that she just ran straight up to and hugged.

I'm still processing this. 

Evelyn trying to make an escape

Her efforts were futile. Mommy for the win!

Me, Evelyn, and Aunt Kelly

Boy #2. 

Evelyn's First Hayride!

Jaimie and my sister, Kelly!


The lovely photographer AKA Aunt Jaimie ;)

Okay, sorry for the picture overload guys. Have I mentioned that I'm totally indecisive? There were so many good ones I couldn't choose :( which is obviously a wonderful problem to have though, am I right? I did end up deleting quite a few before hitting publish though (you're welcome). 

I hope you all enjoyed the visual display today  ;) and be sure to check out Jaimie Ann Photography for all of your photography needs if you're in the North Georgia area! 


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