Weekly Wishes: Vol. 2

Nov 3, 2014

Okay, so last week didn't go quite as planned but I mean really, does anything ever actually go as planned? I think not. It's just life and you gotta roll with the punches and move along. So, here we are. (If you want to check out last weeks goals that I failed at miserably, click here.)

Anyway lets just dive in, shall we? 

  1. This one's rolling over from last week - Publish the post with our pumpkin patch pictures from Jaimie Ann Photography. Really Olivia, get your shit together. 
  2. Knock at least 2 more people off my list for Christmas buying. I've already got quite a few crossed off but my family is ridiculously large. Either way, I am so looking forward to wrapping all the stuff I already have :) I'm trying to put it off a little longer until I actually have a tree to put them under. Only a few more weeks!!
  3. Get Ahead. This is pretty general but I have an ongoing to do list that has had a few things sitting on it for entirely too long. I need to check off at least three of these items this week. 
Hopefully I'll do better this week and stay focused. Hoping everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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