Sorry Folks, Georgia Is Closed.

Feb 26, 2015

Thank you, Winter Storm {whichever name we're on now, I can't keep up this year} for giving me a snow day yesterday! As soon as the snow started falling my boss called it, and the office closed. Yay! OH and the governor of Atlanta also shut the city down at 2. We take our snow very seriously around here. Lets not forget Atlanta's infamous Snowpacalypse  2014. Am I right? Buncha crazies.

I wish I could say Evelyn was super excited about this abnormal winter weather that arrived yesterday but I would totally be lying. When it started falling while we were in the car on the way home she started crying. Poor baby was scared of it. Once we got home and she saw Kingsley having so much fun in the backyard I convinced her to at least give it a shot. She clearly was not impressed.

True Georgia girl, I suppose. Southerners and snow just don't go well together. Actually now that I think about it she wasn't all too thrilled this time last year either when she was introduced to snow for the first time. You can see my itty bitty munchkin's first snowfall (AKA Snowpacalypse 2014) here. And of course, same as her first snowfall, she preferred the view from our window. Can't say that I blame her though, it was much cozier {and dryer} checking it all out from inside. Plus there was a decent vantage point, being 3 floors up. ;) Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures today guys, it's just what was most convenient at the time. Bare with me. 

Overall I'd say it was a successful snow day though. 

+ Half-day off work 
+ All road disasters averted
+ Quality time with my princess
+ Played in the snow 
{For all of 10 minutes, but it counts. We have a low tolerance for cold down here.}
+ Drank hot cocoa with extra marshmallows (duh)
+ Mommy/Daughter selfies (multiple)
+ Movie (Frozen of course; not that I had any say in the matter.)
+ Yummy Dinner

Today was a good day. And I have to admit, It's not awful to look at. As long as it melts relatively quickly.

{{Anyone else in the area looking forward to the 60 degree weather next week in Atlanta?? We've had our snow, now we are officially ready for Spring. Welcome to Georgia.}}


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