That Time I Went To See Katt Williams

Feb 18, 2015

Let me just start out by saying I LOVE Katt Williams. Seriously. The guy's hilarious and you and I both know it. However, my first experience at his comedy show was just not very good. Don't get me wrong, he was a good entertainer, made me laugh, told good jokes, current events were covered. It was good. Except that he ran off stage 30 minutes into what was supposed to be a 2 hour run, ending the show early and leaving us all very confused.

Turns out he really was sick. Like went to the hospital and was on bed-rest for the rest of the week and had to cancel tour dates sick. So on that note, props to him for coming on stage at all the night I went. I can certainly respect him for trying.

It really wasn't Katt that was the issue with his tour though. Even with him running off stage and the show ending early. What was worse were the less than quality "comedians" for lack of a better term that we had to endure for the 2 hours before Katt made it on stage. There were I think 4 total and only one of them barely made the cut to be called an actual comedian...the others were pitiful, at best. One even decided to go the route of making all of her jokes centered around sex and exes, etc.

Word of advice, if you are an aspiring comedian and you're on tour with Katt Williams, please come up with better material than lame sex jokes. Please.

To get away from her obnoxious rant I braved suicide stairs in heels (by suicide I mean one wrong step, you were tumbling to your death. not even exaggerating.) and ridiculous lines to go buy a double shot of Ciroc for the absolutely outrageous price of $10/shot. And it was all worth it to not have to sit through that woman's less than classy approach to comedy. Ew.

I still made the best of that night that I could though and honestly it was still fun. I'll take any excuse to get a little dressed up and be out of my house past 9 PM on a Saturday...  It's such a rarity for single mothers. (Special thanks to my sister for babysitting!)

I did hear that he was doing a make-up show in Atlanta on March 1st which I may try to attend but if I do, I'll make sure I don't get there until at least an hour after the listed "start time" in order to avoid the horribly lame comics that will be on before Katt himself. No need to rush this one. Maybe I'll have a few drinks before I show up next time too. Lesson learned on those $20 "drinks" (2 shots of Ciroc and some pineapple juice) they're serving. I'll happily take care of my own, thanks!

So all-in-all not the most amazing stand up comedy show but worth seeing at least Katt's part a second time as long as there are no illness interferences next time. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever been to a comedy show before? Was it a large scale tour like this one or just a small hole in the wall place and how did it go for you? I'd love to hear about other's experiences to help me decide if the make-up date will be worth it or not. Let me know in the comments !


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