The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Feb 6, 2015

Is it just me or is Valentine's Day the worst excuse for a holiday? I mean really. If you're a happy couple then you shouldn't need this holiday to remind you to do nice things for one another and if you're single it's like the universe is laughing at you and simultaneously giving you the finger.

I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Regardless, I've been brainstorming ways that I can make the day special for myself and also create a distraction from the general annoyance that goes along with V-day.  After all, who's better than you for making yourself happy, right?

SO, here's what I've come up with as a few options to pamper myself this Valentine's Day. Feel free to steal a few ideas, I promise I won't be upset ;)

+ Treat yourself to a pedicure! 

+ Buy some flowers. 

I don't know about you, but flowers put me in an instant good mood, it does not matter a bit to me where/whom they come from. Plus if I get them for myself, they're guaranteed to be my favorite flower. Heyyy!

+ Call one of your single girlfriends and have a girl's night in.

Pros: No need to look cute - save the makeup. No need to impress anyone - did you even bother to put on a bra today? It really doesn't matter! You can gorge yourselves on chocolates and various baked goodies in the shape of hearts while watching chic flicks and there is no one there to judge you for it. 

Cons: I see none. 

+ If you have the time/money to do so, have a Spa day! 

I'm quite sure this will distract you from any unpleasant thoughts that creep into your head today, and by the time you leave, you really won't care anymore anyway. Win - Win.

+ Invest in a bottle (or 3) of wine. 

No explanation needed.

+ Get dressed up and go out anyway!

Who says that couples get to have all the fun on Valentine's Day anyway?

+ Or if you're feeling brave, let your friends/family set you up on a blind date. 

You just never know, right?

"The secret to having it all is knowing you already do."

xo Olivia  

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