Weekly Wishes | Vol. 4

Feb 23, 2015

Ah, Monday. Today did not start off well so I'm hoping that putting my goals down on paper {so to speak} will help turn my luck around. It's all about optimism. Positive vibes only please.

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Hit publish on at least 4 of the blog posts I have just hanging out in my drafts as unfinished thoughts. I'm tired of seeing the number grow ever larger and having so many half finished projects. It's time to check some things off my bloggy to-do list! (Plus it'll certainly help me out with my goal from last week about scheduling my posts more frequently. Win-win.)


Finish Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho. I'm currently about half way through and getting to the good stuff {that I was excited about reading anyway} so I'm sure this will get checked off quickly. Have any of you read this? Thoughts? Did you find it useful in your everyday blogging? I'm really curious how other bloggers liked/disliked this book. Let me know!!


Stop making plans with people. No, seriously. I need to chill out on overbooking my schedule. Please refer to this post. It seems I need more than one day a weekend after all. My optimism gets the best of me sometimes (re: everyday) and it's time to simmer down a bit. My planner needs to stay nice and empty, minus work/blog related things of course. Wish me luck. 

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Happy Monday everyone and here's to having a productive week!


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