Weekly Wishes Vol. 7

Mar 30, 2015

Hello lovely readers! I'm sorry for the radio silence over here. I don't know what it was about last week but I was just in a weird funk all week. I was crazy overwhelmed with everything going on in the real world and blogging got put on the back-burner temporarily. I'm sure you've all been there before so no need to explain further, right?

Awesome! Moving on.

I really am a little bummed about missing out on my Weekly Wishes post last week so I'm catching up this week fully charged and ready to tackle some projects! It's time to get some shit done and I am so ready! You know how some days you feel like doing absolutely nothing and getting out of bed/off the couch is literally the hardest thing to do? Well, just as those days exist, as do opposite days when you just feel like you could literally tackle anything in the world and be successful. Well, I'm determined to have many of the latter days this week. Go big or go home, right?

So let's get started! Woo!


Treat myself to a movie night. I see a Redbox in my near future. Any suggestions? :)


Invest in a new logo for this lovely little blog of mine. I think it's past due for a little face-lift around here. 


Cook at least 3 nights. It's so hard for me to take the time to cook a full meal knowing that it's only me and Evelyn eating it, so most of the food will be wasted or frozen (if I remember to freeze it, which I usually don't). Anyone want to come over for dinner?


 Buy a new microwave because Evelyn caught mine on fire over the weekend. I kid you not.


Find a new bank to transfer my accounts to because; Bank of America. I've been looking pretty hardcore into this online Ally Bank but I feel like it's almost too good to be true... any feedback on this one would be so much appreciated. Do you have a bank that you love and that doesn't have any crazy fees that they thoroughly enjoy slapping on your accounts for no reason? Send them my way, please! 


Make sure Evelyn and I are both ready for Easter at Dad's house! The best thing about the holiday's is getting together with family and eating yummy food, and that is exactly what I am planning to do this weekend! Yay for holidays and family time!


Finish the latest course I've enrolled in on SkillShare. It's a course on productivity (naturally) and I'm excited to get it knocked off my to-do list! I've already begun using many of the {very} practical tips in the video and am excited to start tackling my ever-growing to-do list one task at a time. The clutter that it creates in my mind to have so many things going on at once is seriously daunting, so that to-do list needs to be cut in half. At the very least. By this weekend, preferably. 

So how is your week looking?


First Day Of Spring!

Mar 20, 2015

Happy first day of Spring from my little boogahead! 

Spring is by far my favorite season and I'm looking forward to what is supposed to be quite a nice weekend here in Georgia. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

Photo courtesy of Megann Allen Photography.

On the to-do list for the first weekend of Spring for me and my munchkin:

My Journey To Adulthood; 4 Things I Wish My 18 Year Old Self Was Aware Of

Mar 18, 2015

 Lately it seems I've been doing a lot of reflecting on my "adult life" thus far...or should I say, the journey I'm still on to reach adulthood. Because I'm not totally convinced I'm there yet. Maybe after I can finally buy a house, I'll feel a little more "there". I don't know; I'll keep you updated on that though.

So far this is the conclusion I've come to regarding said journey: I have done some incredibly stupid things on my road to adulthood. But, I've also learned some extremely valuable lessons that I wish I could go back and tell my 18 year old self, so {naturally} I've compiled a list of topics to go over with that incredibly naive girl that I knew so well only a few short years ago.

Number 1

YOUR CREDIT FUCKING MATTERS. Stop right there and DO NOT submit that application for the credit card offer that was mailed to you. I know it's tempting. Just don't do it. I understand that they didn't teach you shit about this in high school but it's actually the single most important determining factor in everything you will do as an adult. So, even though you've basically been completely in the dark about this up til now because of our lack of real-life, practical education in public school systems, just trust me on this one. This is one lesson that you do not want to learn the hard way. 

Weekly Wishes: Vol. 6

Mar 16, 2015

1. Update my resume. 

Not for any reason in particular other than I've almost been at my job for a year now and I'd like to keep track of the new skills I've been learning. I usually try to update it every 6 months and I haven't touched it since I started back in May of 2014. It's time to freshen it up a little !

2. Go to bed earlier/Wake up earlier. 

These two pretty much go hand in hand and should probably be on this list every week.

3. Finish my March Wantable Box review post for March. 

I promise I will do my very best to publish this one in a timely manor. I think it's safe to say you can be keeping an eye out for this one by the end of the week! 

4. Read every night before bed. 

And no, reading something on my phone does not count. I'm talking about a real book here. I'm currently re-reading Tuesday's With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Love all of his books! They keep me inspired and I always interpret the lessons differently each time I read one of them. 


February Wantable Box Review

Mar 10, 2015

I've literally had this post sitting in my drafts for almost a month now and just keep forgetting to post it, so I'm sorry this is coming to y'all so late! And honestly, what reminded me that I needed to publish it still was an email from Wantable telling me that my March accessories were on their way. Lol! So I may have another review coming y'alls way soon. If I can keep my shit together and actually post it, I mean. ;)

I decided to review my latest Wantable Box because my last Wantable Box review still seems to be getting some interest half a year later (sorry it's been so long ladies!), which gives me the impression y'all are still curious about what comes inside these lovely little goody boxes delivered right to your door. {re: mailbox} I know, so blissfully convenient. Plus, half the time I completely forget they're coming so it's kind of like a present of sorts - to me, from me. ;) I'm always super excited to see what they send me each month. It's a mood enhancer without a doubt! Instant happiness.

My latest Wantable Box arrived the day before Valentine's Day so I definitely have to give props for that one. It was like the universe deciding that I deserved a present, no date necessary. So thank you, fine people of Wantable, for making my weekend. And what was even better than unintentionally getting a present for myself per se? All of the wonderful goodies that came in the box, that's what!

Sunday Morning Baking

Mar 8, 2015

One of the many reasons I love Sundays: 
Making breakfast with my girl. She's getting pretty good at this homemaking stuff. 

Potty Training Under 2 | Is My Baby Ready?

Mar 6, 2015

So, lately I've really been thinking that Evelyn may be ready to take on the task of using the "big girl potty". I've heard/read a lot about most moms waiting to potty train until after the baby's 2nd birthday but I'm not sure how realistic that actually is. I know every child is different, but I'm a little worried about rushing into things before my little one is completely ready and then scaring her away from the idea.

I've been closely watching for signs and it seems like more and more of them have been popping up lately, which makes me feel like it's my mommy duty to go ahead and take on the challenge. Evelyn's given me all the clues I need and now it's my turn to take action. Right?

I've made a little list to put things in perspective and also to maybe get a little mom advice from those of you who have successfully made it through the potty-training phase of toddler-hood. Here are some of the things Evelyn's been doing (sometimes not regularly, but they've been done more than once):

Weekly Wishes | Vol. 5

Mar 2, 2015

Time already for another Weekly Wishes goal setting plan! I swear these weeks have just been flying by; anyone else feel that way too? I'm not sure if it's just part of being an "adult" or that I'm still overbooking my time, despite my best efforts to have no plans. {psh. yeah, right}

Balance is extremely hard to find between work and play in today's world and I feel like I'm failing in that respect, but it's certainly not for a lack of trying. Perhaps I'll change my approach and go from there. Obviously what I've been doing up to now is not working for me so it looks like I'll be doing some brainstorming soon. Any tips on time management would be absolutely lovely, and if you have something that's been working for you, please share! ;)

If you'd like to see my previous Weekly Wishes posts, here are the links:

This weeks goals are...

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