February Wantable Box Review

Mar 10, 2015

I've literally had this post sitting in my drafts for almost a month now and just keep forgetting to post it, so I'm sorry this is coming to y'all so late! And honestly, what reminded me that I needed to publish it still was an email from Wantable telling me that my March accessories were on their way. Lol! So I may have another review coming y'alls way soon. If I can keep my shit together and actually post it, I mean. ;)

I decided to review my latest Wantable Box because my last Wantable Box review still seems to be getting some interest half a year later (sorry it's been so long ladies!), which gives me the impression y'all are still curious about what comes inside these lovely little goody boxes delivered right to your door. {re: mailbox} I know, so blissfully convenient. Plus, half the time I completely forget they're coming so it's kind of like a present of sorts - to me, from me. ;) I'm always super excited to see what they send me each month. It's a mood enhancer without a doubt! Instant happiness.

My latest Wantable Box arrived the day before Valentine's Day so I definitely have to give props for that one. It was like the universe deciding that I deserved a present, no date necessary. So thank you, fine people of Wantable, for making my weekend. And what was even better than unintentionally getting a present for myself per se? All of the wonderful goodies that came in the box, that's what!

Granted, these photos did not turn out as well as I intended. My point and shoot failed me a little on this one, but jewelry in general seems a bit difficult to photograph. Anyone else have issues with this or is it just me?

The first picture (top left) is a tear-drop shaped necklace that goes great with pretty much anything. It is a bit long but I actually really like the length so that's not a huge deal to me. I've worn it with more accessories (including that gorgeous knot bracelet on the top right!) to dress it up or you can just throw on a button up and some pearl earrings and dress it down. Very versatile! Plus I love the gorgeous white with the gold filigree look over the top. Unique and it definitely works well.

The knot bracelet you see in the top right picture I just could not get the color to turn out right. It looks a little brassy in the picture but I can assure you it's not brassy at all! It actually has a gorgeous antique gold look about it that I totally love. It's simple and classy and probably my most worn piece from this set. The simplicity of it allows me to layer it or wear it by itself, which is great on the days I forget my watch at home.

The bottom right picture is a long layered necklace which also has a darker antique(ish) look about it. It looks great with earthy tones, which is what most of my closet is so it works perfectly for me. The tassel I think adds a fun element to it as well. The only thing with this is if you're not careful (or if your toddler gets a hold of it) it will turn into the chain linked tangle from hell and take you 2 days to fix. Not that I'd know from experience or anything... Overall I still like it though!

My box also came with a stackable ring set - 3 rings total. I don't have pictures because I lost them about a week after my box arrived :( I'm pretty sure they're in the bottom of my purse somewhere but, I've chosen not to venture in there. If I do, I will update this post immediately.

Here is a picture of the insert they send with every order. It explains why they chose the items that came in my box this month based on the original survey that you take when signing up, my ratings in each category from said survey, what the "theme" is for the month, as well as a break down of each piece in my collection. I.E. - brand, individual price of each piece, item description, a photo of the item, and also tips for how to wear/style each item individually (Which I think is pretty awesome and goes beyond expectations. I love this thoughtful little feature:))

Here are my settings if you're interested in getting similar items in your accessories box:

And this is the rundown of the items that came in my box (including original prices!):

So there you have it! My February Wantable Box review. I definitely loved all of the pieces they sent me this month although I am thinking about tweaking my "likes" and "dislikes" a bit just to add more of a variety to what comes in my box. The surprise is part of the fun and they're starting to get a little predicatble as of late. I'll try to keep better updates on these so let me know if you're interested to see what I get each month and same goes for you! If you subscribe to Wantable I'd be very interested to see the different pieces you receive! Leave a link in the comments and I'd love to check them out!


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