Potty Training Under 2 | Is My Baby Ready?

Mar 6, 2015

So, lately I've really been thinking that Evelyn may be ready to take on the task of using the "big girl potty". I've heard/read a lot about most moms waiting to potty train until after the baby's 2nd birthday but I'm not sure how realistic that actually is. I know every child is different, but I'm a little worried about rushing into things before my little one is completely ready and then scaring her away from the idea.

I've been closely watching for signs and it seems like more and more of them have been popping up lately, which makes me feel like it's my mommy duty to go ahead and take on the challenge. Evelyn's given me all the clues I need and now it's my turn to take action. Right?

I've made a little list to put things in perspective and also to maybe get a little mom advice from those of you who have successfully made it through the potty-training phase of toddler-hood. Here are some of the things Evelyn's been doing (sometimes not regularly, but they've been done more than once):


If she has a dirty diaper, she will go into her diaper bag or grab a diaper off the shelf in her room and bring it to me, then pat her butt. 


She's even been known to sometimes do all of the first ^ plus lay down on the floor and wait for me to come change her diaper. {Obviously she is aware that she should not have pee/poop in her diaper.}


Recently, she's started saying "thank ouuuu" repeatedly while I change her diaper after she wakes up in the morning and after she has a bath, etc. While it's completely adorable that she has such good manners, it also makes me feel like she knows there is an alternative to this whole diaper wearing thing where other moms don't have to clean up the baby's butt. (She's very observant, so it wouldn't surprise me)


Yesterday as I was changing a stinky diaper, she took it upon herself to grab a wipe out of the container sitting next to her and started wiping up her own mess before I had a chance to take care of it all. She obviously likes to be clean but I'm not sure if she's just copying everything mommy does {her favorite thing to do, by far} or if she is actually aware that she should eventually be the one to take care of such things on her own. 

Just as reference, Evelyn is now 20 months old and already does {or tries} to do most things on her own such as getting dressed and climbing into the bath, etc. She even opens the dishwasher and puts her own dirty dishes in y'all (usually with food on them, but still!). As a first time mom, I was not expecting her to become so independent this soon. It breaks my heart a little actually. The everyday things that I've always helped her with she's starting to really get on her own and she seems to be growing more independent by the day. It saddens me knowing that she doesn't need me as much as she always has but at the same time, I'm not going to deprive her of such independence if she thinks she is ready. And it makes me proud that she's catching on so quickly. 

So what do you think? Would you start potty training if all of those signs are present? Or am I jumping the gun a little on this one? Any advice would be much appreciated!


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