Weekly Wishes: Vol. 6

Mar 16, 2015

1. Update my resume. 

Not for any reason in particular other than I've almost been at my job for a year now and I'd like to keep track of the new skills I've been learning. I usually try to update it every 6 months and I haven't touched it since I started back in May of 2014. It's time to freshen it up a little !

2. Go to bed earlier/Wake up earlier. 

These two pretty much go hand in hand and should probably be on this list every week.

3. Finish my March Wantable Box review post for March. 

I promise I will do my very best to publish this one in a timely manor. I think it's safe to say you can be keeping an eye out for this one by the end of the week! 

4. Read every night before bed. 

And no, reading something on my phone does not count. I'm talking about a real book here. I'm currently re-reading Tuesday's With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Love all of his books! They keep me inspired and I always interpret the lessons differently each time I read one of them. 


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