Life Update + Semi-Hiatus

Apr 10, 2015

I haven't been able to pop in as much as I would've liked to over the past few weeks because I've been working on completing so many half-completed projects that I started on and never actually finished. It's great getting around to crossing all of these things off my ever-growing to do list but at the same time, I kind of feel like now my blog has become one of those half-completed tasks which needs some serious attention. And unfortunately, this space of mine on the inter-webs has also traveled all the way down to the bottom of my list at this point, so there's that. :/

Clutter of any kind immediately ups my stress level, and that absolutely includes a cluttered to-do list. This all started when I (ironically) took part in a productivity course on Skillshare. It's been very helpful with providing steps to take and specific tools to use to streamline your productivity and get everything out of your head and right in front of you to see. But that's part of what became the problem in finding the time to do bloggy things - with all of those to-do's I didn't even realize were there staring me straight in the face, I immediately had to eradicate the situation.

I've been vigorously using the new techniques I've learned  over the past 2 weeks but this has also resulted in me focusing on the amazing amount of tasks that I didn't even know where sitting dormant in my mind being put out in front of me, so I immediately switched gears and dedicated all of my free time to ridding myself of this new/old (however you want to look at it) clutter. I've actually accomplished quite a bit of it and I really do feel much better about myself having accomplished all of these things and getting them off my plate. Unfortunately, I have a very serious one-track mind so blogging has not been a priority. This isn't an excuse, just an explanation of my absence of late.

In addition to all of the random to-do's that recently came to light, I'm currently working my ass off  to pay off old debts that I'd really like to beat my 18 year old self for, but instead I'm slowly correcting all of her mistakes and crawling out of the theoretical financial grave my naive former self put me in. I'm trying to stay positive about this, can't you tell? :) But because of my current financial mess, I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. For now anyway. If all goes to plan I will have about $6500 worth of credit card/student loan debts paid off by my birthday in August. (Insert expletive excitement here*) Considering I just started getting my shit together and actively working towards this goal last month, I will be extremely proud of myself once I pull off this magnificent feat.

What am I doing all of this for, you may ask? (I mean other than manning up to my responsibilities as an adult in general) I am dead set on not throwing away my money on rent for any longer than I absolutely have to. I resigned a one year lease in March and I'm hoping that I will never have to sign another lease again. So my goal is to be out of my town-home and into my starter home by this time next year.

Considering the financial mess and credit issues I'm currently correcting, this seems like a long shot, even to me, but I am absolutely determined to work as hard as I can toward this goal in order to achieve it. If it doesn't happen then okay, I will take that in stride as I do with every curve-ball life throws my way, but that won't keep me from envisioning my goal and doing everything in my power to achieve it.

All of these things on top of my normal 9-5 Monday thru Friday work week and then coming home and being a single mom to a toddler, I don't really really think any further explanation is needed !  I'll still be around from time to time, but for the most part I'll be focusing on other areas of my life until I feel like I'm in a place where I can really give my blog the attention it deserves from me, without adding to my stress level.

So for now, I'll just be seeing you all on Mondays for my weekly goals post. I'll be sure to do a few life updates as well until I can make blogging a priority again. Wishing you all well, and a happy weekend!


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