Weekly Wishes : Vol. 8

Apr 7, 2015

Time again for my weekly goals link-up over at the Nectar Collective! Considering I hardly looked at my goals from last week I'm actually pretty proud of myself, I completed almost all of them! The only thing I still need to do are invest in my new logo {which is in the process, won't be long now}, and finish my skillshare class which is almost finished. It's just so difficult to find the time to sit down and really focus on extras but I'm trying to get better about prioritizing.

Update on last week:

Movie night with my BFF Beringer, check! 
Interstellar was the movie of choice thanks to a few suggestions and it did not disappoint! The special effects were seriously amazing and so believable. Fingers crossed on a sequel in the next few years and if you haven't seen it yet, run to your nearest Redbox. You can thank me later. 

New microwave, check!
(Thanks Evelyn)

Cooked 3 nights a week, check!

Research a new bank to transfer my accounts to, check!
Ally is still looking like the best contender with this one. 

Easter, check!
We had tons of fun at dads house with family egg hunts, good food, WAY too much candy, puppy play, and bubbles. What more could you ask for? The cops only showed up once and they didn't take anyone with them, woo! (More on this later.)

New Goals for this Week:

One | 
Pay speeding ticket. Ugh. This one just kills me.

Two | 
Get ready for another round of Easter festivities this weekend with Mom! Woo!

Three | 
Start tracking my spending. I'm planning on sitting down with my Nana before the end of the month to set myself a budget that I will actually use and stick to like my life depended on it. I know she'll be great help with this but I need to figure out where all of my money is going in the first place so that I can decide from there if anything can be cut back or even cut out completely to increase my savings. That beautiful craftsman style cottage I have on my inspiration board isn't going to buy itself! I just have to keep reminding myself that saving WILL pay off!! But, baby steps.

Four | 
Keep my car cleaned out. I honestly don't understand why this is so difficult for me. I almost always keep my house crazy clean - or as clean as one's home can be with a toddler running through it like a mini wrecking ball at every opportunity. I always take pride in my home and my surroundings so with my car being basically an extension of the home, you'd think this would come naturally to me. But no. My car is almost always in a constant state of cluttered disaster. I blame this on the small size in general + zero trunk space due to my subs in the back. And no I won't sacrifice them, so don't bother suggesting such a thing. I just need to grab a handful of whatever has wandered into my car that shouldn't be there every time I get home and I'll be good. Right? Cake.

What are your goals for the week?


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